Protect your complete house, from foundation to roof with Ambuja Kawach, a high quality water repellent cement from Ambuja Cements

Ambuja Kawach, a high quality water repellent Cement available in tamper-proof packing with carbon footprint ~33% less than standard (OPC) cement.

Recognized at the international level by the “Solar Impulse Foundation” as an efficient Green Building Solution.

Special performance enhancer imparts superior water repellent quality which enables it to act as a shield against water seepage & chemical ingress, making the structures more sustainable. This is very useful product for protecting all elements of the structure from foundation to roof.

An integral part of Ambuja Cement’s continuous effort to become the ‘Most Innovative, Sustainable and Competitive Building Solutions Company in India’.

Mumbai, April 11th, 2022: Ambuja Cements Ltd., one of India’s most innovative and sustainable cement companies as always offered cutting edge, environment friendly construction products to its customers. Amongst its wide range of green products portfolio, chief is Ambuja Kawach, a high quality water repellent cement available in tamper-proof packing with low carbon footprint.

Blended cement—which consumes lesser water, energy & resources and offers greater durability—comprises nearly 90% of Ambuja Cements’ portfolio and Ambuja Kawach is one such product, whose carbon footprint is ~33% lower than ordinary Portland cement

Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, CEO of Holcim India and MD & CEO of Ambuja Cements Ltd., said, “We’re very determined to follow responsible and cost-effective measures to deliver sustainability and innovation in our products. Products like Ambuja Kawach help in producing stronger and denser concrete that protects against water seepage. It aligns with our company’s vision of achieving net-zero goal by developing low carbon products and ensuring a sustainable future for our country.”

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer, Ambuja Cements said “The value proposition of Ambuja Kawach has been highly appreciated by our customers. This product has been globally recognized by the “Solar Impulse Foundation” as an efficient Green Building Solution and we are happy to provide such innovative and sustainable product in India.”

Ambuja Kawach is engineered with cutting edge technology that prevents water penetration in the most effective way, resulting in improved durability and life of structures. Ambuja Kawach provides exceptional shielding against water seepage and chemical ingress, adding strength to structures built with it. The product can be used to build all elements of a structure, from the foundation to the roof—walls and slabs included.

Ambuja Cements is making continuous efforts to become the most innovative, sustainable and competitive building solutions company in India. Recently, all of Ambuja Cements’ blended cements are now listed in GRIHA’s Green Product Catalogue. GRIHA, or Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, is a national green rating system for India developed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India.





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