PwC India’s Tax Academy launches first-of-its-kind GST Executive Professional Certification

The Tax Academy aims to bridge the skills gap in taxation and support job seekers in becoming part of India’s workforce of the future

New Delhi, 07 November 2022: With the ambition of playing a key role in equipping India’s workforce with critical job-ready skills, PwC India’s Tax Academy today announced the launch of a first-of-its kind professional certification programme on GST on the leading online learning platform Coursera. Designed and developed by PwC India, the programme will help learners gain in-demand basic GST skills and knowledge, such as applicability of GST on transactions and how to undertake compliances and file returns. The programme focuses on practical knowledge of GST and its application through various scenarios and case studies. Upon completion, learners will earn a Professional Certificate from PwC India and should be equipped with job-ready skills for entry-level GST jobs in India. Aspirants would take roughly 24 weeks to complete the programme while pursuing other education or work opportunities simultaneously.

“On the occasion of the launch, Sanjeev Krishan, Chairman, PwC in India, commented: “Bridging the skills gap is a complex problem that requires all stakeholders to work together to make the world a more resilient, capable and inclusive place. Solving important problems such as this is at the core of our strategy and organisational purpose. Through the Tax Academy, we are realising our commitment to enable the workforce in India to develop skills of the future. Our vision is to educate future leaders to embrace a dynamic business environment with agility and confidence.

Lakhs of students graduate in finance, business and law every year. With its Tax Academy, PwC aims to holistically address their skilling needs by launching certifications across accounting, direct taxes, transfer pricing, customs and dispute resolution. In addition, the Tax Academy will also focus on enabling working professionals to gain advanced knowledge through curated upskilling, re-skilling and stackable programmes needed to progress and succeed in their careers.

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