QuackQuack says, “Football World Cup 2022 brings in a new rush of matches in the dating field”

With the football fever running high in India, QuackQuack, India’s most downloaded dating app, ran a survey among 10k users from tier 1 and 2 cities, mostly working professionals and students between the age of 21 and 31. Founder and CEO Ravi Mittal says, “From the 24 million chats exchanged last month, around 4% was about the Football World Cup 2022. There has also been an increased number of matches from the football-crazy states of Kerala and West Bengal, mostly based on their mutual love for the sport.”

The Men of the Moment

QuackQuack’s survey shows that Brazil’s Richarlison’s jaw-dropping scissor kick goal was one of the most talked-about topics for the day. Out of the men who were seen discussing football, 20% from tier 1 and 2 cities mentioned that in their chat. Apart from him, Mbappé’s lightning performance seemed to have left the users, male and female alike, in awe. 17% of daters were noted discussing his stellar moves.

What Women Said

From the survey, it is clear that some female daters follow the game as much as men. Among these women, 16%, between 21 and 25, most of them students, were found ranking the players on their style quotient and appearance. Whereas 14% above 30, chiefly working professionals, seemed familiar with their skill set.

Breaking Ice with Football

The Football World Cup 2022 is one of the ultimate ice-breakers among the users of QuackQuack. 26% of men from the football-crazy states of West Bengal and Goa used the topic during the first chat with their new match. Female users of Kolkata even partook equally in the debate on which team might take the cup home, which led to a considerable increase in the chat length of users from this area.

Spirit of Cleanliness Makes a Splash

QuackQuack survey participants were seen gushing over Japanese fans and their knack for cleanliness. 13% of these people expressed how they wish Indian fans in Cricket would show the same spirit.

Wins that won over QuackQuack users

The unforeseen wins of the year have been trending among the users. 9% of the app’s users were seen using Saudi’s win against Argentina as a pickup line with their matches. Some of these men, ranging from 24 to 28, mentioned that it’s proof anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. Morocco’s win against Portugal was also trending among users; 7% of men from tier 1 cities mentioned the word ‘first African nation’ in their chats.

The Stars

The survey shows 11% of QuackQuack’s female users have mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi the maximum number of times among all the other players participating in the game. Traffic on the app was comparatively lesser on days when these two were playing. QuackQuack also noticed a dip in activity on the app from 8.30 PM on certain days.

Football Playing Matchmaker

6 out of 9 men from Kochi and Panaji were seen explaining the rules and other minute details of the game to their matches. They voiced how the football World Cup 2022 has played a matchmaker for them and given these men an opportunity to show off their knowledge about the game and impress their matches.

Who’s taking the Cup home?

The study shows that who will take away the cup this year has been a talking point among the survey participants from the football-enthusiast states. More than 26% of men were noted explaining the odds of France winning the cup to their female counterparts.

From couples on the app making plans to watch the semi-finals and finals together to making genuine, platonic friendships over the shared love for the game, the football World Cup 2022 might just have been one of the top matchmakers of this year, second only to IPL 2022.

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