Qualcomm Supports Safety Across Enterprises, Cities and Spaces with Expanded Portfolio of Smart Camera Solutions

– Qualcomm® QCS7230 processor accelerates the digital transformation of security and safety sectors, enabling safety-focused and operationally efficient enterprises and communities –


• The Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform portfolio expands with the introduction of the Qualcomm QCS7230.

• The new smart camera solution empowers enterprises, cities and beyond with the intelligence needed to deliver safer and more protected communities and enterprises.

• The extended portfolio delivers robust capabilities for expanded end-to-end solutions with IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) to meet wider needs for smart cameras across industries.

INDIA, March 22, 2022 – As the security industry converges at the International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC West), Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today unveiled the Company’s latest smart camera IoT solution. The Qualcomm QCS7230 solution expands the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform portfolio, driving the digital transformation of enterprise security and public safety segments, designed to help safeguard environments with smart devices at the connected intelligent edge.

The new solution delivers superior AI inferencing at the edge, improving security and operation-effectiveness with real-time edge compute, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics, to enable safer and more protected spaces, cities, and enterprises.

During the pandemic, organizations and communities have embraced smart cameras to reimagine the new normal. Digital transformation has aided in supporting social distancing, monitoring masks, tracking indoor and outdoor occupancy levels, and enhancing operational processes. Smart cameras – equipped with connectivity, AI, analytics, and cloud technologies – support cities, businesses, and entities with the real-time intelligence needed for enhanced insights that ultimately improve the quality of life for communities and drive enhanced business decisions and outcomes.

“With the digital transformation of industries there has been a heightened focus and need for the growing number of smart devices at the connected intelligent edge,” said Siddhartha Franco, director, business development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Today’s cameras require superior connectivity and interoperability, powerful edge computing and AI capabilities in addition to protections for security and privacy – all of which Qualcomm Technologies is uniquely suited to provide. Qualcomm Technologies’ expansive portfolio of smart camera solutions make it easier for businesses and entities looking to deploy smart cameras to support a variety of use cases across industries from creating safer communities to informing better business decisions.”

The new solution meets wider needs for smart cameras across industries in addition to supporting expanded end-to-end solutions for smart cameras through the IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) model. This will support customers that plan to transition from traditional Video Management Software (VMS) models to end-to-end service-based capabilities with IoTaaS. Additionally, this will accelerate Edge AI services with the building blocks needed to support businesses and entities looking to deploy smart cameras and intelligent IoT devices to support video collaboration, access control, enterprise and home security, 360-cameras, dash cameras, wearable cameras and more.

Qualcomm Technologies’ leading ecosystem of smart camera solutions providers further compliments and extends the value of Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT innovations, proliferating and accelerating the development and deployment of smart camera solutions across enterprise, cities and beyond.

Thundercomm has introduced the commercial-ready TurboX QCS7230 SOM enabling developers and manufacturers to quickly develop smart camera and intelligent IoT devices across multiple applications. The TurboX QCS7230 SOM is available now and enables an easy, security-rich and high-performance camera connection and AI analysis. Visit Thundercomm product page for more information on the TurboX QCS7230 SOM.



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