Quantum is no longer a science fiction, its here and now

BosonQ Psi won the award for “Most Innovative Startup–Future Tech”

Bengaluru/ New Delhi, 1stJune,2022- Quantum technologies are changing our lives in a big way and integrating the new-age knowledge with requirements of the industry is need of the hour according to Abhishek Chopra, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, BosonQ Psi (BQP), Quantum-powered simulation software startup. He was invited as a panel speaker at the TiE Bangalore’s Flagship Annual Event Global Summit–Matrix Forum on last Wednesday.

“Quantum-powered computer-aided engineering (CAE) paradigm, will enable enterprise customers to perform complex simulations in significantly less time than traditional software using Quantum computers. With traditional ways of performing simulations, such as high performance computing, are soon going to reach physical barriers, Quantum computing is the next in-line technology,” says Abhishek Chopra, Founder & CEO, BonsonQ Psi.

Engineering simulations are an important part of product lifecycle (research, design, development, and testing) in various industries including automobile, aeronautical, manufacturing, energy, biotechnology, construction, electronics, pharmaceuticals and even consumer goods. “Performing these simulations with high accuracy can sometimes months. For most of these industries, time-to-market is a crucial aspect and sometimes to achieve that, they sacrifice on the quality of product due to not able to perform high accuracy simulations. We need to think about next generation of these simulations.” he said.

To enable next generation engineering simulations for these industries, BosonQ Psi has recently released the MVP version of their software BQPhyTM. BQPhy is being equipped with high accuracy CAE solvers which are integrated with BQP’s proprietary Quantum algorithms. These algorithms are very challenging to develop, implement, and test on current Quantum computers.

“In less than two years’ time since inception, we have not only come up with those Quantum algorithms, but also integrated them with in our CAE solvers and further testing them as part of proof-of-concepts with customers” he added.

BosonQ Psi also won the award for “Most Innovative Startup – Future Tech” by TiE Bangalore and Matrix Global Summit.[AC1]

This year’s TiE Global Matrix Annual flagship conference brought discussions around Future Tech. It embodied together corporates, startups, government, and investors, to discuss about latest happenings, research, commercialization, and early success around technologies like Quantum Computing, MetaVerse, and Spacetech.

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