Radico Khaitan celebrates sales milestones for Magic Moments Vodka and 8PM Premium Black Whisky

Magic Moments vodka achieves sales volume of 5 million cases and 8PM Premium Black Whisky crosses 3 million cases sales mark

New Delhi, April 14, 2023 – Radico Khaitan Limited, one of the largest spirits companies in India (referred to as “Radico Khaitan” or the “Company”), is proud to announce two significant sales milestones for its flagship brands – Magic Moments Vodka and 8PM Premium Black Whisky. Magic Moments Vodka has crossed an impressive sales figure of 5 million cases (vs. 3.8 million last year), while 8PM Premium Black Whisky has achieved a remarkable feat of selling over 3 million cases in FY2023 (vs. 2.1 million in FY2022).

Magic Moments Vodka, known for its smooth and refined taste, has emerged as one of the most preferred vodka brands in India, capturing the hearts of consumers with its premium quality and unique flavors. The brand’s widespread popularity and growing demand have propelled its sales to cross the remarkable milestone of 5 million cases, a testament to its unparalleled success in the highly competitive alcoholic beverage market. Currently, the vodka brand has Magic Moments, Magic Moments Verve, Magic Moments Dazzle, and Magic Moments Vodka Cocktails – all of them offering different varieties of flavours.

Similarly, 8PM Premium Black Whisky, known for its rich and distinctive taste, has garnered a loyal customer base and has become a symbol of celebration and camaraderie for whisky lovers. The brand’s continued success is evident as it has crossed the significant milestone of selling over 3 million cases, showcasing its strong presence in the Indian whisky segment. It is ranked as the second fastest growing brand (across categories) and the fastest growing whisky globally by The Millionaires’ Club 2022. The brand also won the Gold award (for the fourth consecutive year) at the Monde Selection 2022.

“We are thrilled to announce these outstanding sales milestones for Magic Moments Vodka and 8PM Premium Black Whisky,” said Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer, Radico Khaitan. “These achievements are a reflection of the trust and loyalty that consumers have shown towards our brands. We are immensely grateful to our customers, partners, and employees for their continuous support and contribution in making Magic Moments Vodka and 8PM Premium Black Whisky household names in India’s alcoholic beverage industry.”

Radico Khaitan has a rich legacy of over 75 years in the alcoholic beverage industry and is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The Company’s portfolio includes a wide range of whisky, vodka, rum, brandy, and other spirits, catering to diverse consumer preferences. With these impressive sales milestones for Magic Moments Vodka and 8PM Premium Black Whisky, Radico Khaitan reaffirms its position as a market leader and a trusted choice for consumers across the country.

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