Radico Khaitan launches 4 premium products in West Bengal

The IMFL company launched its 4 premium products: Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, Morpheus XO Premium Brandy, and Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky in West Bengal

Kolkata, 14th July 2023- Radico Khaitan, India’s leading IMFL company, is delighted to announce the launch of four premium brands in West Bengal. The introduction of Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, Morpheus XO Premium Brandy, and Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky aims to tap into the growing demand for high-quality spirits in the state.

West Bengal, ranking second in alcohol consumption according to a 2021 study by ICRIER and PLR Chambers, presents an emerging market for Radico Khaitan. With an estimated 1.4 crore alcohol consumers in the state, the company sees immense potential in establishing a strong consumer base in West Bengal.

Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer of Radico Khaitan, expressed his confidence in the West Bengal market, stating, “After the phenomenal response we received from the Assam launch earlier this year, we wanted to strengthen our presence in Eastern India, and West Bengal emerged as another promising market. We believe these four premium brands have significant potential in the state, considering the appreciation and love we have received from liquor enthusiasts worldwide. We are confident that we will receive a similar response in West Bengal.”

Radico Khaitan’s strategic move aligns with the progressive excise policy for liquor in West Bengal, which creates a favorable environment for companies to introduce innovative and diverse offerings. This policy enables Radico Khaitan to meet the growing demand and present their latest products to a receptive consumer base in West Bengal.

The premium brands launched in West Bengal include:

Morpheus XO Premium Brandy: Introduced in 2009, Morpheus Premium XO Brandy embodies the spirit of “Dare to Dream.” With over 60% market share, Morpheus has become a leader in the Brandy space and gained immense popularity among consumers. It is the only premium Brandy available across India, having received five Gold medals at the prestigious Mode Selection.

Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky: Crafted with expertise and passion, Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky showcases the regal heritage of the 15 Gun Salute princely state of Rampur in British India. Distilled in traditional copper pot stills at India’s oldest distillery, Rampur captures the essence of its Himalayan surroundings, offering a unique and flavorful experience. The Rampur Double Cask variant combines American Bourbon barrels and European Oak Sherry casks, resulting in an unparalleled depth of flavor.

Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky: Inspired by the magnificence of the Tigers and Warrior Kings of Ranthambore, Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky is a fine example of Radico’s Master Blender’s craft. With its rich symphony of taste, aroma, and finish, this whisky has gained popularity in various regions across India and abroad.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin: Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, sourced from 11 botanicals across India, has made its mark globally since its international launch in 2018. This luxurious triple-distilled spirit is re-distilled in a traditional copper pot still, following a time-honored recipe. Jaisalmer Gin has been widely accepted by gin connoisseurs in the Indian market.

Radico Khaitan’s commitment to delivering exceptional spirits experiences continues with these premium brands, catering to the discerning tastes of whiskey, brandy, and gin enthusiasts in West Bengal.

Radico Khaitan at a Glance

Radico Khaitan Limited (“Radico Khaitan” or the Company) is among the oldest and one of the largest manufacturers of IMFL in India. Earlier known as Rampur Distillery Company, Radico Khaitan commenced its operations in 1943 and over the years emerged as a major bulk spirits supplier and bottler to other spirit manufacturers. In 1998 the Company started its own brands with the introduction of 8PM Whisky. Radico Khaitan is one of the few companies in India to have developed its entire brand portfolio organically.

The Company’s brand portfolio includes After Dark Whisky, Contessa Rum, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, Magic Moments Vodka, Magic Moments Dazzle Vodka (Gold & Silver), Magic Moments Verve Vodka, Morpheus Brandy, Morpheus Blue Brandy, Old Admiral Brandy, Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky, Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection-Royal Crafted Whisky, 1965 The Spirit of Victory Premium XXX Rum, 1965 The Spirit of Victory Lemon Dash Premium Flavored Rum, 8PM Premium Black Whisky and 8PM Whisky.

Currently, the Company has seven millionaire brands which are Morpheus Super Premium Brandy, 1965 Spirit of Victory Premium Rum, 8PM Premium Black Whisky, 8PM Whisky, Contessa Rum, Old Admiral Brandy, and Magic Moments Vodka. Radico Khaitan is also one of the largest providers of branded IMFL to the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), which has significant business barriers to entry. The Company has three distilleries in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh and one in Aurangabad, Maharashtra which is a 36% joint venture. The Company has a total owned capacity of 160 million litres and operates 42 bottling units (6 owned, 28 contract and 8 royalty bottling units) spread across the country.

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