Radio City and Coastal Odyssey Come Together for India’s Grand Coastal Symphony

Exploring India’s Rich Coastal Diversity through the Harmonious Blend of Exploration, Sustainability, and Community Enrichment

India, 30th Jan 2024: Radio City, India’s leading radio network, is delighted to announce its exclusive partnership with ‘Coastal Odyssey,’ India’s first sustainable coastal border expedition. This extraordinary collaboration enhances our commitment to responsible exploration and community engagement.

As part of this exclusive association, Radio City assumes a pivotal role in the Coastal Odyssey journey. Our very own Delhi Jock RJ Satyam will be an integral part of this remarkable expedition, participating at two significant junctures – during the flag-off in Kolkata and the culmination in Gujarat. RJ Satyam’s presence adds a unique touch, bringing the spirit of Radio City directly to the heart of this grand coastal journey.

In addition to the on-ground presence, Radio City secures exclusive content rights for both on-air and digital platforms. Listeners and followers can expect first-hand accounts, interviews, and exciting stories from RJ Satyam, providing a dynamic and immersive experience of Coastal Odyssey.

Moreover, Radio City proudly displays its logo on the LexQz India Car, the primary vehicle of this coastal expedition, as well as on all other activity collaterals. This branding integration highlights Radio City’s active role in supporting and promoting this sustainable venture, aligning with our dedication to environmental consciousness and cultural celebration.

Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City, emphasized, “Coastal Odyssey is a well-balanced symphony of exploration, sustainability, and community enrichment, and Radio City is proud to play a significant role in this journey. Our exclusive partnership status signifies our commitment to promoting responsible tourism and showcasing the diverse beauty of India’s coastline.”

This historic collaboration between Radio City and Coastal Odyssey symbolizes the harmonious fusion of media influence, responsible tourism, and community development, bringing forth a memorable and impactful coastal odyssey for the nation.

Adding to the collaboration, Anurup Parmar, Expedition Leader – Coastal Odyssey said, “We have embarked on a journey of discovery, unveiling the hidden gems that lie along our shores. As the expedition leader I invite fellow enthusiasts to look inwards, explore the untouched beauty of our own country’s coastal wonders. Through this, we are not only uncovering extraordinary destinations but also nurturing a deeper connection with our coastal heritage. Radio City, with its vibrant storytelling, joins us in highlighting the tales of these coastal wonders, adding a melodic dimension to our exploration, and developing a shared appreciation for the rich variety of our maritime legacy.”

Sharing her vision, Manissha Dutta – COO, Oxbow Media said, “Inspired by the boundless beauty of our coastal treasures, I envisioned Coastal Odyssey as a transformative journey that marries exploration with sustainability. I believe in the power of conscious travel to not only showcase the breathtaking diversity of our shores but also to foster a deep commitment to preserving and protecting these natural wonders for generations to come. In sync with Radio City, we aim to broadcast these stories of environmental consciousness and coastal marvels, staying firm on our commitment to raising awareness and inspiring positive actions for our precious coastal ecosystems. Coastal Odyssey is not just an ordinary expedition from one destination to another; it’s a pledge to tread lightly, leaving only footprints of awe and a legacy of environmental stewardship.”

Stay tuned as Radio City brings you exclusive updates and insights from this grand expedition, resonating with the visionary goals set forth by our esteemed leader!

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