Rainshine Entertainment launches a brand new audio series – ‘The Unsung Heroes’ with Anup Soni

~ ‘The Unsung Heroes’, streaming on Audible, will narrate the inspirational journey of 20 Indians from various walks of life who have achieved something spectacular through their hard work and determination ~

Rainshine Entertainment, a diversified entertainment media company and one of India’s largest podcast producers, has over the years produced a stellar line-up of award-winning podcasts that have caught the imagination of listeners from across the country. Taking their offerings a notch higher, the studio has recently launched yet another stellar show for its listeners with ‘The Unsung Heroes’ with Anup Soni. The show, exclusively streaming on Audible, celebrates the inspirational stories of 20 Indians who have positively impacted society through their contributions across multiple fields.

Hosted by renowned theatre and TV artist Anup Soni and produced by Monisha Singh Katial, ‘The Unsung Heroes’ will motivate listeners by taking them through 20 inspirational stories of heroes who are making a difference in the world around them. The show will shed light on individuals from the fields of sustainable living, women empowerment, education for the underprivileged, climate change. Some of these awe-inspiring stories include-

An environmentalist who quit his job at Google to dedicate himself to cleaning up India’s lakes

A man recycling temple flowers to create sustainable livelihoods for traditional artisans and marginalized communities

The story of the youngest speakers to be invited to the UN headquarters in Geneva, amongst many others.

Commenting on the podcast, Anup Soni said, “These pan-India stories talk about the achievements of extraordinary people from all walks of life. I am humbled to be a part of the show that celebrates them. At a time like this, it is important to bring out stories of these unsung heroes to encourage and motivate the society to contribute to a better tomorrow. I am happy to partner with Rainshine for this venture, and I hope to inspire many through these 20 incredible stories of hope, resilience, and determination.”

Rainshine Entertainment also intends to release more than 20 podcasts over the next 12 months, offering audiences in India and globally a diverse bouquet of stories spanning genres, ranging from thrillers to comedy to self-help.

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