Raj Bhavan Inaugurated in Tura, Elevating Civic Pride

Hyderabad, January 12, 2024: Tura witnessed a grand inauguration of Raj Bhawan, the long-awaited project in the Garo Hills region. The building was inaugurated by His Excellency Hon’ble Governor Shri Phagu Chauhan in virtual mode. The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Conrad K Sangma, Shri Thomas A Sangma, Hon’ble Speaker, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and Smti Agatha K Sangma, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Tura, Chief Secretary, Shri D. P Wahlang, Commissioner of Division, Dr.Vijay Kumar D and Deputy Commissioner Shri Jagdish Chelani were physically present and took tour of the impressive campus.

The complex, located in the Danakgre area of the Tura town, is built at cost of Rs.24.1 crores and covers an area of 28.45 Acres. The completion of this project is testimony to the government’s efforts towards administrative decentralization beyond the capital region.

The Hon’ble Governor expressed his delight on the construction of the beautiful complex and said that the project was yet another milestone towards enhancing the governance in the Garo Hills region.

Speaking at the event Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Conrad Sangma said, “This is another long-standing project that our government was able to successfully complete. The Raj Bhavan stands as a symbol of architectural excellence and civic pride, representing the heart of the city’s promising future. It is of great pride that Smt Draupadi Murmu, Hon’ble President of India, would be residing in this complex during her upcoming visit.”

Envisioned as “Assam type” building, the project was initially conceptualized in 2009 at a cost of Rs. 5.48 crores with an aim to be completed within 3 years. The main building was later redesigned to an earthquake resistant RCC structure and a spacious banquet hall was added. However, in 2016, unforeseen circumstances necessitated revisions of costs and timelines, leading to delay.

The project was revived by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Conrad K Sangma in 2021. Two new works orders expanding the scope of the project were issued with a cost of Rs.10.98 crores and Rs.7.69 crores.

Post this intervention and with constant monitoring, the project was completed in a span of just 3 years. With its grand inauguration, the project is set to become a focal point for official events and ceremonies in the region.

Besides the inauguration of the Raj Bhavan in Tura, the Chief Minister also emphasized that the government is focused on strengthening administrative infrastructure in all regions of the State.

In Shillong, the plan to move the Secretariat and other government offices to the New Shillong City at Mawdiangdiang is being finalized. An iconic Secretariat Building, residential complexes for the employees and other infrastructure will be built. In Tura, an Integrated

Administrative Complex to bring together all the departments of government and DC Administration is also being conceptualized. Integrated Administrative complex at Jowai has already been initiated at a cost of Rs 19.83 crores. Improvement of the DC and Block establishments at all the districts and blocks is also underway.

In addition to these, the Government is planning to construct over 700 CM Citizen Service Delivery centres across the State. These centres will serve as one stop shops for all types of service delivery to the citizens. These citizen centres, along with all the new administrative infrastructure, would lead the way to improved service delivery and enhanced governance in the State.

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