Rakhee Rajadhyaksha, Perfect Mrs India and a successful Fitness Coach shares her incredible Journey

Rakhee Rajadhyaksha, Title winner of Perfect Mrs India 2021 breaking the barriers and usual tags by society she made her own space as a passionate beauty queen, Fitness master trainer.

Its sounds like a tale although it’s her hardship, Being a fitness coach for last 17 years, her journey filled with lots of exciting learning outcomes she motivated herself on every challenge with a wonder. With her slogan of life “YOU ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF”.

Her life was not less than a roller coaster rides from a housewife to a tutor to an unhealthy overweight person to a fitness coach. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought that she will become a fitness coach and will be the winner of this pageant.

It’s her positive approach that she owns the Title Crown today and proudly shares her journey with Midday.

She is also an ardent conversationalist when it comes to Divine Supreme energy, she believes a proper set of workouts in any form exercise be it power yoga, crossfit and spinning classes that she conducts at YMCA Agripada, Mumbai Central are healing therapies with remarkable benefits for both and mind.

Her journey is an inspiration to all women as however raised in a middle class family, she was a good student with certain future plans but Life was not easy she lost her father when she was 18, and got married at the age of 20. While she got married she was working in a pharmaceutical company and left her job after her daughter’s birth though woman’s are mulitaskers there are certain boundaries in every family so she left the job and started with tuitions from morning till evening for meeting financial needs, Stress being the main culprit and taking tuitions, she gained a lot of weight and turned highly obese and unhealthy person with tons of health issues, Here at that point of time he joined her friends fitness centre. Destiny has unveil plan, she started enjoying her space at fitness, she worked for 4 yrs looking at her passion, a certified trainer suggested her for Reebok certification. There the journey began. Now she is unstoppable fitness mentor with over 16 certifications including international certifications and received Perfect Achievers Award, She shows her gratitude for Perfect woman Magazine.

Dr Khooshi Gurubhai Thakkar and Dr. Geet S Thakkar. For giving her the opportunity to carve the hidden talent making her dreams come true. Post winning the title of Perfect Mrs India, Life changed completely people started recognising her, now with the infinite wings to fly she will be seen soon on screen with her acting projects. Goals for 2023 is to do more better, work hard and be more dedicated, She said “I want to say only one thing to the ladies out there “IF I CAN WHY CAN’T YOU”.

Rakhee is all set with Big Hit Entertainment

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