Rasayatra- A Journey into our Culinary Past

Rasayatra is a journey into our culinary past, exploring ancient and abandoned recipes of cuisines in India. We are trying to rediscover some of the recipes, which are not made either in restaurants or even homes due to constraints of time or space.

Rasayatra, in its first chapter, organised a 3 day event in Jaipur. Starting on 11th noon with lunch at an old eating joint inside the wall city. The participants enjoyed a hearty meal of aalu, pyaaz n paneer sabzi, kadi, gattey, daal, lehsun chutney, mirchi ke tipore n boondi raita.

The highlight of the event was a delectable evening with the Introduction of the Rasayatra concept to a selective gathering of food lovers visiting from Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, NcR and Jaipur of course. The event was organised in an old Haveli inside the walled city, owned by the descendants of the royal family, the Kalwaras.
Our star Chef of the evening, Ms Divya Kalwara cooked some sumptuous old dishes such as Panckuta ka saag, Papad magodi ki sabzi in Makka ki dhokle in vegetarian and Laal maas, Safed maas, Bajre ka soyeta in non vegetarian. The star dish of the menu was Khadro Pind, a game meat preparation of the royals in yesteryears. A whole Pind (whole thigh) of goat after marination, wrapped in rotis n foil is placed inside a Khadd (3 feet deep pit) over dimly burned charcoal and is covered with the sand.
The meat is slow cooked inside the khadd for around 4 hours. This exotic delicacy cannot be explained in words, one has to have it to experience it’s flavors n aroma.

A food walk inside the walled city was organised on 12th morning. Foodies from out station enjoyed delicacies from some of the ancient shops of the city, some being more than 180 years old run by 5th-6th generations.

An after party was organised for all the guests from outstation on 12th evening in a garden restaurant.

The send off on 13th, was a splendid breakfast treat at Tapri, a modern cafe opposite central park.

Rasayatra is an idea devised and conceptualized by Anil Raj Kapur from Jaipur, Uma Isabel n Vasudev Prabhu from Mumbai, under the umbrella of SPICEtrailz, an initiative by Suave Media LLP

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