RBL Bank launches free mobile healthcare vans for support and domestic services staff

~ CSR initiative, Dhanvantri, to foster healthy lifestyle and overall well-being ~

Mumbai, November 17, 2023: As part of its CSR initiative, Dhanvantri, RBL Bank announced introduction of its mobile health services for a broad category of support staff including essential and domestic services personnel.

RBL Bank, a leading private-sector bank in India, has launched fully-equipped mobile healthcare vans to provide complimentary health and eye checkups for those individuals employed in residential neighbourhoods and gated communities. The CSR activity will cater specifically to house helps, security guards, drivers, housekeeping staff, blue-collar workers and others working in similar roles.

The Dhanvantri initiative identifies a series of problems faced by these individuals and offers a comprehensive range of services that include health checkups, vision correction, Doctor consultations, and educational guidance on preventive healthcare for lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol (lipid).

Poor vision is caused due to multiple reasons which also include lower quality of life, increased mental health issues, reduced earning capacity, and sometimes even neglect. Among the young generation, visual impairment can lead to decreased intellectual abilities, higher school dropout rates and restricted growth potential. Through this initiative the Bank is trying to address the healthcare requirements of the underprivileged in an easily accessible way.

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