Reckitt’s brands Dettol and Durex crowned marketing awards for exemplary application of creative ideas in integrated campaigns

Media OutReach – 15 December 2022 –
Reckitt’s brands Dettol and Durex are proud to be honoured by Marketing Excellence Awards 2022, an annual award organised by Asia’s authoritative marketing media
Marketing Magazine, with three awards acknowledging their outstanding performances in applying the best creative ideas into integrated campaigns. The ‘Keep on to Protect Our Future’ campaign by Dettol is crowned Bronze in both ‘Excellence in Health & Beauty Marketing’ and ‘Excellence in COVID-19 Response’ categories for its achievements in encouraging consumers to embrace better life by maintaining good hygiene habits under the new normal. The ‘Durex Ocamp’ campaign is awarded the ‘Excellence in Loyalty Marketing – Silver Award’ for successfully penetrating the younger consumer segment
with double-digit business growth in e-commerce.

Dettol is recognised for its success in bringing positive influence through promotion of good hygiene habits
After two years of fight against the pandemic, Hong Kong people are experiencing different levels of fatigue and are looking forward to resuming their daily routine and social life. As a globally trusted hygiene brand, Dettol believes good hygiene habits are the foundations of health. The brand launched ‘Keep on to Protect Our Future’ campaign in May 2022 to encourage consumers to continue protecting their loved ones from illness-causing germs with Dettol products. The campaign featured a music video with Karena Lam, Dettol’s long-standing brand ambassador, sharing her message to kids with a letter about how much a mom is keen on creating and protecting their children’s future. Recreated from the popular song ‘The beauty of the world’ by Endy Chow, the video successfully and positively connected with the target audience. Dettol drove consumer engagement through multiple touch points, including massive outdoor displays and online-to-offline social media activation.
The campaign has significantly strengthened Dettol’s brand credibility and positively influenced the local community by promoting good hygiene practices. Since its launch, the video has had over 30 million impressions and over 3 million views across social media platforms. An internal consumer test study among those who watched the video showed 95% of the respondents agreed that ‘Good hygiene habits can protect us and the next generation’ and 93% agreed that ‘Dettol can protect our loved ones’. Meanwhile, nearly 80% would ‘keep good hygiene habits even post-COVID’ ,and over 70% would like to ‘trust and keep using Dettol products.’
Durex Ocamp’s remarkable performance in young audience engagement
Since 2020, social distancing measures imposed by the pandemic have posed significant challenges to university students. The Cancellation of physical classes and orientation activities took away students’ chances to socialise. Recognising that university students often meet their first love in their university journeys, Durex launched the ‘Durex Ocamp’ campaign from September to October 2021 to inspire students to ‘Start Loving with Durex’. The campaign leveraged interactive features on Instagram to transform traditional university networking opportunities into the first-ever Durex Insta-Ocamp. It directly engaged the students with Durex Love Club and the ‘Ocamp Starter Pack’ to give them the knowledge and everything they need to get started. Here university students could prepare for starting school life and developing intimate relationships despite the physical boundaries of social distancing.
The campaign has achieved a remarkable performance on social media by engaging over 48,600 young people in its online activities and reaching nearly 960,000 audiences through various promotional activities. In addition, the number of Durex Club members increased by 55% in one month compared to the entire year in 2020, with the membership profile changing from 30+ to 25+. Durex’s e-commerce sales increased by double digits compared to the same period in 2020, a key milestone in the company’s success in effectively revitalising the brand and driving business growth.
“We are excited to be recognised by the Marketing Excellence Awards for our marketing efforts across different brands,” said
Boudewijn Feith, Reckitt General Manager Hong Kong/Taiwan. “These awards demonstrate our success in deploying strategic and creative approaches leveraged across different channels, particularly social media, to engage our target audience through relevant and interactive experiences. Looking ahead, we will continue to explore innovative ways to drive impact and strengthen both brands’ leading position in promoting positive hygiene practices and advocating intimate wellness, respectively, to bring Reckitt’s purpose to life.”
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