“Recycle Your Bottles” at Starstreet Precinct

Let’s contribute to building the upcycled festive Christmas decorations
Media OutReach – 20 June 2022 – Have you ever thought of giving a new life to your used plastic bottles? With its continued efforts to promote eco-friendly initiatives, Starstreet Precinct is offering a “Recycle Your Bottles” initiative to collect recyclable plastic bottles and use them for building the Christmas decorations, while as a token of appreciation, a new tree will be planted on behalf of you.

Starting from 20 June 2022, Starstreet Precinct will be setting up 16 limited-time PET plastic bottle recycle points within the Admiralty and Wan Chai neighbourhood. With only four simple recycling steps, successful participants will be rewarded with a tree planted on their behalf, by EcoMatcher’s Global Forest Program, in a forest in Nepal. Participants can name the tree, and keep track of the tree’s exciting growth progress, in addition to its species and carbon sequestration, on the EcoMatcher platform. This hopes to enhance the awareness of the public towards cherishing our environment.
Starstreet Precinct partners with Hong Kong-based New Life Plastics, a Joint Venture between Baguio, ALBA and Swire Coca-Cola, to process the collected post-consumer PET bottles at its state-of-the-art EcoPark facility in Tuen Mun. The plastic bottles will be turned into plastic flakes for Starstreet Precinct to upcycle and build the Christmas decorations.
Stay tuned for the special decorations made from the recycled bottles to celebrate the community’s combined effort and contribution to the festive Christmas season later this year.
The Four-Step Process: From Plastic Bottle Recycling to Your Planted Tree
The four-step process is quick and easy! Participants can locate any of the 16 designated recycling bins spotted all over Pacific Place mall, One, Two and Three Pacific Place office buildings, and Starstreet Precinct [please refer to the full list below]. The process is as follows:

Scan the QR code of the recycling bin via your mobile device for registration. Make sure your plastics are emptied, cleaned and dried before placing them in the bin.

Upload an image of the plastic bottle for recycling and fill in your personal details on the registration page.

After submitting the information, you will receive a link to view the exciting reward: a tree planted on your behalf! You can then name the tree yourself.

Don’t forget to use the EcoMatcher platform to track the growth progress of your brand new, happy tree.

Locations for “Recycle Your Bottles”
There are 16 designated spots where you can send your plastics on their way and get that planted tree reward. Happy recycling!

Recycling Bin Locations

Pacific Place mall

One, Two and Three Pacific Place office buildings

Starstreet Precinct

L1 Queensway entrance

L1 near PURE Yoga

L2 Linksbridge

L3 near HK Park escalato

Office lift lobby, One Pacific Place

Office lift lobby, Two Pacific Place

LG entrance, Three Pacific Place

Office lift lobby, Three Pacific Place

Outdoor area at Level UG, Three Pacific Place

Star Studios, Wing Fung Street

PURE Yoga, Wing Fung Street

Star Crest, Star Street

White Do, Sun Street

kapok, Sun Street

Blue Bottle Coffee, St. Francis Yard

TMK Rap & Rolls, Moon Street

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