RedBrick AI raises US$4.6M to accelerate the development of healthcare AI

● RedBrick AI is building the foundation of healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) with its annotations tools for medical imagery

● RedBrick’s customers annotate hundreds of thousands of medical scans per month

● The new funding will be channeled into expanding the company’s suite of specialized tooling, increasing hiring for engineering roles in its India office, and growing its customer base

PUNE, INDIA – 23 November 2022; Health-tech AI platform RedBrick AI is today announcing a US$4.6M seed funding round to accelerate the development and adoption of artificial intelligence in clinical settings, through rapid data annotation on medical imagery. The round was led by Sequoia India and Southeast Asia’s Surge, with participation from Y Combinator and angels. Medical imagery is an essential source of truth in clinical diagnosis and comprises about 90% of all healthcare data AI systems can dramatically shorten the time to diagnosis, improve clinician productivity by triaging high-importance cases, and act as the first line of defense in under-staffed clinical environments.

Researchers and healthcare institutions are increasingly investing in AI solutions to improve diagnostics, treatment, and patient quality of care. The use of AI in healthcare stands to transform patient care by boosting clinician productivity and automating clinical diagnosis. In 2021 alone, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved 115 AI algorithms for use in medical environments, an 83% increase from 2018.

However, researchers cannot use medical images to train AI systems until they are cleaned and expertly annotated. Training an AI system also requires hundreds of annotated medical images and thousands of hours of annotation by clinicians. Due to the complexity, size, and unique nature of medical images, clinicians have to resort to traditional and difficult-to-use clinical tools to perform annotations. RedBrick AI is laser-focused on solving the first key challenge to healthcare AI adoption – providing clinicians with high-quality data annotation tools that accelerate the preparation of training datasets.

RedBrick AI CEO and co-founder Shivam Sharma commented: “With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence in clinical settings, researchers need excellent tools to build high-quality datasets and models at scale. Our customers are in the vanguard of this growth, pioneering everything from surgical robots to automated detection of cancers. The new funds will be integral to the growth of our engineering team in India and to expand our suite of products. We’re incredibly excited to be powering the next generation of researchers in building AI for clinical settings.”

RedBrick AI’s tools address several challenges unique to medical data annotation, such as the complexity of existing annotation tools, quality control and machine learning integration. The platform’s specialized annotation tools can be accessed through the browser and are designed to be used without prior training. RedBrick AI also offers semi-automated tools to annotate complex 3D medical images.RedBrick has a robust quality control process to ensure the quality of annotations, which are crucial to securing AI algorithm certifications from regulators. It involves efficient quality control workflows on the platform that can compile the opinions of several clinicians per annotation case, all while dramatically reducing time spent on project management.

Its API also helps machine learning engineers integrate with their cloud and clinical data stores, for example, AWS or hospital enterprise PACS servers. The APIs are used to build ML data pipelines.RedBrick AI launched in 2021 by CEO and co-founder Shivam Sharma, and CTO and co-founder Derek Lukacs. Both Shivam and Derek previously worked on SpaceX’s Hyperloop technology, and participated in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Shivam has a background in aerospace engineering and computer science from University of Michigan, while Derek holds a Bachelors and Masters in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan.

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