REHAU Hardware: Where superior functionality meets premium aesthetics

REHAU, the global leader in manufacturing polymer-based solutions, has taken the Indian hardware market by storm with the launch of the latest Hardware line in collaboration with global brand TITUS.

REHAU’s expansion into hardware is a strategic move to provide a complete solution for its B2B partners while also entering into the B2C market, foreseeing a strong presence in the retail market. By remaining focused on the growing importance of quality and efficiency, the brand constantly innovates to offer best solutions for a sustainable future.

In furniture assembly work, hardware plays the role of the backbone for the entire system. It is the support system for a furniture and significantly adds to its functionality, quality, and durability. REHAU is conscious of this crucial aspect and has thus introduced a range of hardware that is not only of highest quality, but also tops for the functionality elements which are essential for furniture fixtures durability. REHAU with TITUS collaboration have introduced in the India market a varied range of hardware solutions, such as Hinges, Drawer Systems, Push Latch, Connecting Fittings, and Damping Solutions.


The third generation of slide-on hinges with integrated damping seamlessly delivers a consistent and reliable opening and closing performance, offering more than 80,000 cycles, thus increasing the shelf-life of the end-product. On the other hand, the T-type hinges save time at the assembly-level, as the 3Way Snap-On intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting (top, front and black) makes installation a swift process, especially for tall doors and in kitchens. Both T-Type and B-Type hinges are available with soft close solution.


The Tekform Slimline drawer ensures easy interchangeability and flexibility for its sleek structure. It is used majorly in premium kitchens that demands smart space utilization. The CAM 5000 from the latest hardware range ensures a smooth tightening action and great dowel pull-up, for seamless furniture assembly and improved quality of finished products. To overcome inaccurate drilling, we have come up with the Quickfit TL2 and TL5 Dowel that has built-in self-adjustment feature; this is a consumer-friendly fitting whereby just a simple push by hand helps the fitting get inserted in the dowel hole and the push operation completes in less than one second.


Lastly, the hardware range also offers a Soft Close Solutions for Cabinets and Drawers which don’t require any pre-drilling, thus giving a chance to consumers to enjoy a tool-free assembly. The Push Latch hardware is designed to be used with standard hinges and drawers; it enables effortless opening and closing of furniture without handles and can be easily mounted without the requirement of drilling. In addition, Titusoft is another value-add for the India market from our premium hardware offering, adaptable in both wooden and metal drawers.

In order to provide each client with high-quality products, REHAU’s motto is to ‘Bring the Best of Both Worlds,’ and the partnership between REHAU and TITUS showcases this excellently. REHAU’s well-established network base of more than 1000 direct customers and upto 2500 retailers have whole-heartedly welcomed this latest hardware line in India. The brand is also witnessing an increase in dealer network that are joining hands for this particular product. Owing to this robust network base, the REHAU hardware is currently available in Tier I & Tier II sectors and is looking forward to reaching every nook and corner of the country.

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