Renowned high performance coach, Aditi Surana launches APT – India’s first mental gym for every future leader

The vision is to build a community of high performers by focusing on harnessing a growth mindset within individuals

Mumbai, 07 July 2022: A vision that became reality during the pandemic, APT (Aspire Perform Transform) mental gym is designed with a singular objective – to make India mentally fit. The gym is designed to gamify mental fitness without any labels or tags. It aims to increase your productivity by 10x. While the registrations opened on the 28th of June, the APT mental gym platform is set to commence the first session on the 10th of July. These would be hourly online sessions conducted by Aditi Surana, high-performance coach, behavioural analyst, keynote speaker & podcaster.

Throughout the pandemic, most working professionals struggled with mental fitness as they felt overwhelmed facing unfamiliar situations. This led to a loss in productivity, stress, skewed judgment, breakdowns and low-risk appetite. Aditi Surana more often than less was a witness to a number of people reaching out to her and sharing their dilemmas through messages. This was the starting point for her to use her experience and knowledge and help change people’s outlook toward dealing with challenging situations. She created a daily mental workout, a regime consisting of a set of tools that people can use to be mentally and emotionally fit. Through simple, playful, solution & result oriented modules crafted for rather impatient young and smart professionals, along with her team, Aditi managed to create some phenomenal results within 45 – 60 days. These workouts were well received by more than 20,000 people, just during the pandemic as part of the social initiative. Seeing consistent improvement in these people inspired her to start APT – India’s only mental gym for high performance.

Commenting on the launch, Aditi Surana said, “Through APT mental gym we wish to make mental fitness a lifestyle choice. Our exercises are simple, fun and easy, the same as going to a gym for a physical workout. We wish to work with people who challenge their comfort zone, learn new skills, and take pride in learning to be calm under pressure, instead of avoiding stress.“

At APT, the mental fitness experience is addressed via practical toolkits, mental workouts, and weekly online workshops. Each month a new topic is chosen that can help people find their flow and drive productivity. Some of these activities are done via interactive breakout rooms, pop quizzes, mind mapping, buddy assignments and challenges. By encompassing the ABCDE model (A – 3 APT tasks, B – Buddy system, C – Check in call, D – decoding the mind, E – Evaluation), we help people train their minds to take their growth to the next level.

From 2020 to now, Aditi along with her team has hosted over 300+ free one-on-one sessions during the lockdown, including Badminton champion Aparna Popat, Pratik Oswal who is the head of passive funds at Motilal Oswal, Nathan S.V, Partner & Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte etc. For APT her vision is to create B2B corporate GYM or Keynote workshops for professional-Entrepreneur communities in the near future.

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