Rentokil Initial Hygiene Launches Sani Pro Green – a first-in-category process for recycling Sanitary Napkins

Mumbai, 29th September 2022 – Safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins is an ongoing challenge in India. Studies say that India generates around 12.3 billion sanitary napkins translating into 113,000 tonnes of menstrual waste annually*. Rentokil Initial Hygiene, the leading hygiene service provider in India, has introduced a unique process to recycle sanitary napkins by launching all new ‘Sani Pro Green’ initiative.

By adopting a sustainability-focused strategy whereby used sanitary napkins can be recycled, the initiative has been created to assist women in accessing safe and hygienic feminine services while also protecting our environment.

As part of the ‘Sani Pro Green’ process innovation, Rentokil Initial Hygiene will recycle the used sanitary napkins collected in feminie hygiene units from its customers. The recycling process would be performed under LTTD (Low-temperature thermal decomposition) and would not have any hazardous effects on the environment or release any dangerous by-products. The entire process is completely environmentally friendly and is a big step towards the sustainability agenda that Rentokil Initial Hygiene is committed to across the globe.

Rentokil Initial Hygiene has supported several other endeavors to provide women with hygiene safety in line with global hygiene standards. To promote the cause of women’s health and sanitation, Rentokil Initial Hygiene provides Feminine Hygiene Units for safe disposal of used sanitary napkins as well as sanitary napkin vending machines to address menstrual emergencies. It also offers the widest range of washroom hygiene services, including the provision and maintenance of products such as soap and hand sanitiser dispensers, hand dryers, air care and purification, large area scenting, cubicle and surface sanitisers, and floor protection mats.

The ‘Sani Pro Green’ service will first be launched in Bangalore, soon followed by the rest of India.

Nishat Goyal, Chief Operating Officer, Initial Hygiene India said, “We are pleased to announce our new ‘Sani Pro Green’ process – India’s first environmentally friendly service for recycling used sanitary napkins. This enables us to offer our hygienic, yet sustainability focused feminine services to our customers at the workplace.”

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