Rentokil Initial’s Biogents BG-Counter 2 revolutionises mosquito control while safeguarding the environment

Media OutReach – 2 August 2023 – Rentokil Initial Singapore, a leading
pest control company, has introduced Biogents BG-Counter 2, a breakthrough mosquito remote monitoring device in Singapore, to help combat the growing mosquito problem in an eco-friendly way.

Pesticide resistance and warming of temperatures have made keeping mosquitoes under control challenging in Singapore.
Mosquito control needs to be faster, better, and more effective without having to increase the use of insecticides that kill pollinators and can adversely affect human health.
Biogents BG-Counter 2 is the first commercially available remote monitoring device in Singapore. This innovative device works seamlessly with the Biogents trap, which has a localised coverage area of a 20-meter radius. The Biogents trap uses a combination of Octenol (a mimic of human sweat) and CO2 to attract mosquitoes and trap them. Smart recognition technology and infrared light barriers in the BG Counter 2 allow it to distinguish between mosquitoes and other insects, sending a wireless count of mosquitoes caught to the Biogents Remote Counter account.
As part of Rentokil’s Integrated Mosquito Management program, the Biogents BG Counter 2 provides real-time data on mosquito populations, allowing early action to control and reduce their populations at your premises. Biogents BG Counter 2 facilitates a better understanding of mosquito activities that help create more customised and targeted mosquito treatment plans for elimination. For example, to
get rid of mosquitoes successfully, it could help determine the most effective time to spray and can help understand if the control measures were effective. Using such devices can lead to a more judicious and focused use of pesticides, which can control mosquitoes without harming pollinators or other beneficial insects, making it an eco-friendly solution to mosquito control.

“Despite routine pest control treatments, our neighbourhood still face increasing dengue cases. However, after implementing the Biogents BG-Counter 2, we witnessed impressive results, significantly decreasing the mosquito population. The online dashboard provided real-time updates specifically on mosquitoes catch rates, enabling us to monitor the situation effectively. We confidently recommend the Biogents BG-Counter 2 as an effective
mosquito treatment solution to protect residents from mosquito bites and dengue.” said Mr. Max Song, Condominium Manager of Varsity Park Condominium.
“We are excited to launch the Biogents BG Counter 2 in Singapore,” said Mr. Paul Hellyer, Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. “This device will allow us to monitor mosquito populations more accurately and efficiently and enable us to take early action to control and reduce their populations. Our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable pest control solutions is reflected in the launch of this device, and it is a valuable tool in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases in Singapore.”
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