Rethinking Talent Acquisition to Enable Sustainable Work

Gi Group Holding India Continues “Conversation on Sustainable work”

15th September’22, New Delhi: Group Holding is a global HR services organization and believes that a sustainable ecosystem of employment and skilling is required to ensure social and human development for all sections of society. Work must be transformed to eliminate the factors that discourage or hinder people from entering or staying longer in the workforce.

Talent Acquisition is undergoing a transformative journey with a lot of rethinking and technological evolution. The candidate experience in the acquisition journey has also taken center stage as much as the experience at the workplace. Moreover, the longevity of careers begins with the critical step of talent acquisition hence the need to discuss this aspect.

With this perspective Gi Group Holding India organized an interactive session on “Rethinking Talent Acquisition to Enable Sustainable Work,” a continuation of its ongoing webinar series “Conversations on Sustainable Work”

The Talent Acquisition process is an entry point for candidates seeking to join any organization; therefore, to ensure sustainable and inclusive work opportunities for all sections of society, the talent acquisition process needs to be transparent, agile, unbiased, and affirmative. The event aimed to explore various aspects of the talent acquisition process inter alia developing a diversified talent pool, objectivity in the candidate selection process and overcoming biases that could be barriers to Sustainable Work.

Speaking at the event, Maya Nair, Executive Director, Elixir-Consulting (a Gi Group Holding Company): “As uncertainty persists and market demands continue to shift, the people we hire today may very well need to be reallocated or reskilled tomorrow. This was certainly the reality that emerged during the pandemic. To meet changing candidate needs, organizations across all industries adjusted their talent strategies to accommodate business change to create a sustainable environment. We’re still operating in an environment of uncertainty where change is the norm. During our virtual event which is the fifth webinar in our series of “Conversations on Sustainable work,” we discussed how can Talent acquisition leaders ensure that during the shortlisting/selection process there is no bias w.r.t Returnship or other lesser represented groups. I Would like to thank all our esteemed panelists who shared their expert views on the topic”.

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