Revamp Moto’s Next-Gen EVs to be Powered by the Bolt.Earth OS for a Superior EV Riding Experience

14th December 2023: In a recent collaborative initiative, Revamp Moto is delighted to announce its partnership with Bolt.Earth to seamlessly integrate a robust Operating Stack into their existing vehicles. This strategic alliance aims to redefine vehicle capabilities within the EV industry, enhancing vehicle efficiency and delivering a smarter, more intuitive experience for their end-users.

Speaking on this exciting collaboration, Mr. Pritesh Mahajan, CEO & Co-founder of Revamp Moto commented saying, “Bolt.Earth’s cutting-edge technologies align with Revamp’s commitment to delivering reliable, modular, and connected EVs. This integration will allow Revamp Moto to introduce and offer a suite of new offerings including enhanced vehicle and fleet management systems, smart instrument clusters, and an advanced companion app for our current and potential customer base. We are excited about partnering with Bolt.Earth as this collaboration represents a big leap forward in further enhancing our vehicle management systems, fleet operations, and overall customer experience.”

This collaboration is expected to benefit over 250,000 Revamp customers by 2025, presenting a mutual advantage for both Bolt.Earth and Revamp. The Bolt.Earth OS includes a suite of smart vehicle capabilities to Revamp’s EVs, including advanced SLED clusters, a feature-rich Companion App, and comprehensive fleet and vehicle management systems. These offerings will deploy anti-theft measures, Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, Bluetooth connectivity, and detailed ride statistics, setting a new standard in the automotive sector.

“The collaboration with Revamp marks a milestone for Bolt.Earth in extending our technology to a wider audience,” stated Jyotiranjan Harichandan, Co-Founder of Bolt.Earth. “Our OS stack and the innovative SLED Instrument Cluster will equip Revamp’s customers with better connectivity, smart vehicle functionalities and would enable their customers with an intuitive riding experience.”

Among the ongoing partnership efforts, the Bolt.Earth Companion App integration promises a seamless and user-friendly interface, benefiting fleet operators and end users alike, thereby elevating the overall EV experience. Through this collaboration, Revamp customers will also gain access to Bolt.Earth’s vast network of over 30,000 charging points. While the VMS will serve as a centralized master control for all vehicle parameters, the Fleet Management System is aimed at ensuring streamlined operations for Revamp’s fleet.

The Revamp and Bolt.Earth partnership is more than a union; it’s a springboard to a future where dynamic EV technology leads to an intuitive, smarter vehicle experience. This collaboration is a big milestone towards building a future where electric vehicles are the norm, not the exception.

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