Riding the Waves of Environmental Change: Beach Please Celebrate 314 Weeks of Environmental Triumph with Sharvari

~Concludes beach clean-up drive at Dadar in Mumbai, supported by Sharvari~

Mumbai, 23rd January 2024 : In an extraordinary display of unwavering dedication, ‘Beach Please’ marks a triumphant conclusion to its 314th week of environmental cleanliness with a significant beach clean-up drive at Dadar Beach in Mumbai. The event received a boost from the vibrant presence of Sharvari, who not only graced the occasion but actively participated in the cleanup efforts, specifically targeting her vicinity of Dadar.

Committed environmentalist Malhar Kalambe, fueled by his passion for our planet, successfully brought together a robust team of 100 volunteers and enthusiastic students to lead the initiative over the weekend. The beach clean-up drive aimed not only at rejuvenating the environment but also underscored the growing involvement of youth, including Sharvari, in transformative ecological initiatives. Sharvari’s commitment to cleaning up Dadar, where she resides along with 7 of her closest friends from school, adds a personal touch to the initiative, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship starting from one’s own community.

Malhar Kalambe, the visionary and Founder of Beach Please, expressed his joyous mission, stating, “In this envisioned future, our collective effort aims at nurturing hands that guide nature. We embark on a journey where our every action is a symphony, fostering a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the planet we call home.” Beyond the tangible impact of the clean-up efforts, Malhar emphasized their pivotal role in sensitizing and mobilizing the masses towards enduring change with various initiatives. The 314th week stands as a true testament to the power of environmental commitment, marking a significant milestone that fuels Malhar’s mission for the nation and our dynamic youth.

As ‘Beach Please’ continues to ride the waves of change, the 314th week is not just an achievement; it’s a symphony of collective efforts of society, a vibrant ode to the resilience of our planet. Environmental preservation must be a fundamental part of who we are, and Sharvari’s active involvement in cleaning up Dadar beautifully embodies this ethos.

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