Rigi, a creator community strengthening platform launches its brand campaign in association with The Rabbit Hole

Mumbai, 10th April, 2023: Rigi, a platform where creators can strengthen their communities, enhance engagement and earn money, launched their new awareness campaign. This lighthearted campaign, written and Creatively Directed by Vishal Dayama and Tanmay Bhatt, produced and directed by The Rabbit Hole, stars cricket icon M.S. Dhoni, spans across four films and centres on his ambition to learn about content creation from renowned creators like Tanmay Bha, Kusha Kapila, Sharan Hegde, and Gaurav Taneja. Along with its tongue and cheek humorous tones, the campaign seamlessly incorporates a call-to-action, urging viewers to download the Rigi app for one-on-one paid sessions with the renowned creators themselves.

The Rigi Campaign features MS Dhoni as the brand ambassador, showcasing his transition from cricket to becoming a creator in an attempt to display his expertise in many fields and pass on his years of experience through content creation.

M. S. Dhoni seeks advice from Creators on how to become a successful YouTuber, educate about edtech/fintech, vlogger, and Insta Creator respectively. In each humorous video, the content creators recommend M.S. Dhoni to join them in a one-on-one paid session on the Rigi app, resulting in a strong and memorable call to action at the end. The campaign highlights the importance of seeking guidance from experts in different fields of content creation and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to explore new avenues.

Film 1:

M.S. Dhoni channels his inner mischief as he suggests slapping copyrights on the Dhoni memes that Tanmay Bhatt reacts to.

Film 2:

M.S. Dhoni unleashes his playful wit and rejects Sharan Hegde for Warren Buffet.

Film 3:
M.S. Dhoni goes rogue and makes Gaurav Taneja lose followers and moves to Rashi to learn about vlogging.

Film 4:
M.S. Dhoni taps into his sly side and leaves Kusha Kapila fuming as he bypasses her and seeks reel-making lessons from Prajakta instead.

Speaking about the campaign Saptarshi Ray who handles creative marketing at Rigi commented, “We are thrilled to launch this campaign M.S. Dhoni on board to showcase the potential of our platform. Our goal has always been to empower creators with the tools they need to connect with their audiences and monetize their content, and this campaign highlights that perfectly. With great partners in Vishal, Tanmay & The Rabbit Hole, we look forward to seeing the impact this campaign will have on our community.”

Rishabh Khatter, Business Head of The Rabbit Hole, (Zoo Media Network) said, “At The Rabbit Hole, we take the opportunities to elevate a campaign very seriously and with so many great stakeholders and pieces of the puzzle coming together, things just fit right. With Rigi championing the share of voice in the creator and community building space we have faith that this partnership will triumph.”

Directed by The Rabbit Hole’s very own Dipro Ghosal and produced by Apurva Gabhe, Kalpesh Dubey, Bhumit Shah and Account Managed by Pooja Dua. Together, the team has executed a series of engaging and humorous films that highlight the benefits of Rigi’s platform and showcase M.S. Dhoni’s journey to learn from some of the top content creators in the industry.

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