‘RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program’ to commemorate visionaries and trailblazing entrepreneurs driving global business transformation

Entrepreneurial dynamism and accomplishments of visionary trailblazers resonate a stronger synergy in the ecosystem. Recent years have witnessed an unparalleled surge in startup ventures and the ascent of triumphant entrepreneurs in Maharashtra. In its endeavour to give a boost to vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of Maharashtra, ‘RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program’ is poised to cast a spotlight on remarkable young executives and entrepreneurs who are not only reshaping the regional business paradigm but are also making waves globally.

There has been a massive unparalleled surge in startup ventures and the ascent of triumphant entrepreneurs in Maharashtra. It encompasses of cities like Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg that have witnessed a remarkable growth in the number of startups and successful entrepreneurs. The upcoming RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program’ to be held on 18th August 2023, will be hosted by Zee24 TAAS and serve as a platform for enriching conversations, enlightening discussions, uniting visionaries, industry mavens, and engage curious minds eager to learn and innovate.

The organisers of RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program firmly believes that this program will not only spotlight the brilliant entrepreneurs and visionaries who are reshaping industries, but will also serves as a nexus for meaningful connections and collaborations.

The upcoming ‘RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program’ will be will be graced by Chief Guest – Shri Uday Samant Minister of Industries, Maharashtra and Industry stalwarts across different sectors. The panel discussions at the event will focus on innovation, leadership, and community impact and the program seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals and provide a platform for inspiration and collaboration.

’RISE: Udyog Bhushan Program’s associate partners are DY P Group, Sainath Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Limited, Nero Industries, Supreme HR Consultants Private Limited and Pitambari Agricare Division.

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