The blockchain-based esports service will officially launch the game in the third quarter

New Delhi, May 16, 2022 – RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, Inc., announced that COMPETZ, its global blockchain-based esports service, opened pre-registration for Solitaire for COMPETZ. Solitaire for COMPETZ marks the first game that will be playable on the service.

Solitaire is one of the most-played classic card games in the world and Solitaire for COMPETZ looks to build on its popularity with a competitive game style based on the well-known Klondike version – the total score is submitted when one discards all of their cards of the same suit from Ace to King into the foundation piles in the correct order. The game is made fair as each player will start under the same conditions in a match, including the arrangement of cards, the composition of the deck and randomized missions to complete.

Solitaire for COMPETZ opened its brand page today and the game will be officially launched in the third quarter. Pre-registration for Solitaire for COMPETZ is now available on Android and iOS through Google Play and Apple’s App Store globally, except for some countries such as China and Korea. Users who sign up during the pre-registration phase will receive in-game currency that can be used at a later date. They will also receive exclusive access to upcoming Airdrop and Whitelist Registration events. During the Airdrop event, players can earn various in-game items. The Whitelist Registration event will allow users to be the first to participate in the upcoming game skin NFT minting.

COMPETZ will mint Solitaire for COMPETZ game skin NFTs on BORA PORTAL. On May 25, NFTs will be sold to the Whitelist and on May 26, NFTs will be sold to the public where anyone can purchase NFTs on a first-come, first-served basis. Users who purchase game skin NFTs will be given the chance to earn a portion of the entry fee revenue from Solitaire for COMPETZ. Players will also receive greater rewards based on the rarity of the NFT. Reward benefits will increase for players who own two or more NFTs.

Meanwhile, COMPETZ conducted the first minting of its Picture For Profile (PFP) NFT on May 10 and all 1,000 PFP NFTs have sold out.

COMPETZ is a blockchain-based esports service where players can compete and earn rewards based on their skills and experience. Leveraging its expertise developing premier mobile game experiences (Archery King, Bowling King, Mini Golf King, and Golf King: World Tour), RisingWings will develop several new games for the service that will be released within this year. In addition to Solitaire for COMPETZ, players will soon be able to compete against others in easy-to-learn but hard-to-master games like Bingo, Pool, Mini Golf and Hunting.

For more details about COMPETZ, please visit https://www.competz.io and follow the service platform on Twitter and Discord. For more information about Solitaire for COMPETZ, please visit https://www.competz.io/Event/Solitaire.

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