*RJ Turned Actor Abhilash Thapliyal’s Double Celebration: “Privacy” and “Kennedy” Set for World Premiere at Korea’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan)*

Acclaimed radio jockey-turned-actor Abhilash Thapliyal has reason to rejoice as his two highly anticipated films, “Privacy” and “Kennedy,” are the only two films from India set to make their world premiere at the esteemed Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) in Korea. This double celebration marks a significant milestone in Thapliyal’s career and reinforces his prowess as a versatile performer.

“Privacy” and “Kennedy” have garnered immense buzz in the industry for their unique narratives, exceptional performances, and gripping storytelling. Thapliyal’s selection for both films underscores his ability to captivate audiences with his talent and versatility. The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, renowned for showcasing innovative and boundary-pushing cinema, provides the perfect platform for Thapliyal’s films to shine.

Privacy is directed by Sudeep Kanwal, known for his acclaimed shorts Silent Wave and Dhund. It is a social thriller set in and around the slums of Mumbai. It takes the neo-noir approach to explore themes of mental health, voyeurism and access to information. Privacy explores the dark side of technology and its impact on individual privacy. The film’s thought-provoking narrative and Thapliyal’s nuanced portrayal promise to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The film is produced by Shlok Sharma who is known for producing quality independent cinema.

Kennedy also falls into the neo-noir thriller genre written and directed by Anurag Kashyap. It stars Rahul Bhat, Sunny Leone and Abhilash Thapliyal in the lead roles. The film recently received a seven minute standing ovation when it was screened in the midnight screening section at the Cannes film festival 2023.

Expressing his excitement, Abhilash Thapliyal said, “I am thrilled and honored to have both ‘Privacy’ and ‘Kennedy’ chosen for their world premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. It’s a dream come true for any actor to be part of such prestigious cinematic events. It has been my endeavour from the very start to be a part of as many good stories as I can, in whatever capacity, and I feel happy to collaborate with such amazing filmmakers. It is an honour to be a part of the cinema that is representing India at an international forum, and I can’t wait for the audience to experience the magic we have created.”

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) has become a prominent platform for showcasing genre films from around the world. It prides itself on presenting a diverse selection of imaginative and boundary-pushing cinema, making it an ideal stage for Thapliyal’s films to make their debut.

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