R&M’s SPE from a Single Source – First of its Kind Manufactured for Smart Buildings and Industrial Automation

BENGALURU, India/WETZIKON, Switzerland – February 28, 2022

A complete cabling system for smart buildings and industrial automation is now available on the market. The new Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) network technology expands the cabling possibilities of local data networks (LAN) and structured cabling systems. It requires just two instead of eight copper wires for signal and data transmission or one wire pair instead of four. As a result, SPE cables are thinner and the connectors smaller than their traditional counterparts on the RJ45 cabling side.

The advantages of miniaturization: SPE cabling requires very little space and reduces the potential fire load. It can be installed discreetly everywhere in the building. The small connectors can connect a large number of devices in the tightest of spaces. As a result, SPE has become a key technology for smart buildings. Thanks to its large transmission ranges, SPE brings the Ethernet/IP protocol to the remotest corners of a campus or building. SPE cabling links the digital ter¬minal devices and sensors in buildings with data networks and the Internet, resulting in the Internet of Things (IoT).

“R&M is convinced that the future belongs to smart buildings. Building management will be digital and IP-based throughout. The trailblazers are new network structures such as digital ceiling, expanded with Single Pair Ethernet for the cabling of the last meters or the connection of remote areas. This allows all areas of building automation to be integrated with a structured solution concept,” said Mr Shajan George, Sr. Director Private (Enterprise) Networks at R&M India.

SPE can network countless digital terminal devices. A few examples:

– Smart LED lights and indicators

– Cameras, monitors, access control

– Temperature, light and climate sensors

– Heating and ventilation controllers and regulators

– Self-service terminals

R&M sees a wide range of possible applica¬tions in industrial parks, office centers and administrative facilities.

Use in the digital ceiling

Digital ceiling, structured digital ceiling ca¬bling for building automation, is initially the largest area of application alongside industrial automation. Starting with floor distributors or service outlets in the ceilings, SPE cabling can spread a long way. The SPE system from R&M offers a transmission range of 600 meters. The range depends on whether a remote power supply is used and at what performance level.

R&M is the first manufacturer to introduce a complete SPE cabling system for the entire route from the distributor to the outlet. R&M offers two connector systems: LC-Cu in compliance with IEC 63171-1 for structured cabling systems and building automation, and MSP in compliance with IEC 63171-2 for the industrial environment. The new products can be combined with existing R&M outlets and 19″ panels.

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