Road to Valor: Empires Conquers 2023: A Million Players and Counting!

KRAFTON’s latest player vs player strategy title, Road to Valor: Empires, has proven its mettle in India, amassing a staggering one million players by December 2023. The introduction of the Indian faction, has sparked enthusiasm among the gaming community, providing players a localised gaming experience into the heart of India’s rich cultural tapestry.

Here are the top trends that made players rally their units and favour the game in 2023:

Strategic Showdown: Most Popular Faction

Most popular among players of Road to Valor: Empires in the year 2023 was the Roman Faction. With powerful cavalry and epic units such as Spartacus, this faction emerged as the predominant choice among the five formidable factions available in the game – Indian, Japan, Persian and Norman factions

Iconic Warriors: Favourite Units

Players showed distinct play styles and preferences by mixing and matching their favorite units from each faction. Some of the constant favorites were:

The Royal Dancer – Indian Faction
Samurai – Japan Faction
Berserkers – Norman Faction
Desert Scouts – Persian Faction
Legion Spearmen – Roman Faction
Guardian Tactics: Cyrus of Persia Takes the Lead

Guardians possess a host of skills that can turn the tides of the battle. Players can choose from 15 of them and adopt different and unique strategies to make things interesting in the battlefield with their abilities. Cyrus of the Persian Faction emerged as the player favorite in 2023.

The Rise of the Indian Faction

With the introduction of the mighty Indian Faction, 60% of new players strategically integrated four or more Indian units into their decks. Amaira, the healer of allies, emerged as the popular Guardian of the Indian faction. The top 3 Indian faction units in terms of popularity are:

Royal Dancer: A skillful and elegant unit that is popular among players.
Chekavar: A powerful and versatile unit that can be used for both offense and defense.
Heavy Thorn Armor Cavalry: A heavily armored cavalry unit that is effective against enemy infantry.
Anticipate more conquests, challenges, and victories as we embark on the journey into 2024. May your empires prosper and thrive this year!

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