Rostec’s technology partner introduced “Uber” for drones

Fly Drone, a portfolio company of the RT-Business Development holding of Rostec State Corporation, which is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Fund, presented Uber for unmanned aerial vehicles at the UMEX 2022 exhibition. The platform allows you to quickly find a performer for any task that requires the use of a UAV. The exhibition is held on February 21-23 in Abu Dhabi.

The main commercial product of the platform is a marketplace, with the help of which customers will be able to find qualified performers for any task requiring the use of UAVs, and pilots – a stream of orders for their services. The FlyMarket intelligent service will be able to inform pilots about orders and will allow them to conclude contracts for any flight missions.

“Thanks to its own scientific developments, the company plans to create a highly competitive international product for flying unmanned aerial vehicles in various cities and invites everyone interested in promoting their drones and infrastructure for various types of business missions to test the system. We see great interest in our development from foreign customers. So, during the exhibition in Abu Dhabi, our stand was visited by the UAE Minister of State, His Excellency Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Bovardi,” said Nikita Danilov, CEO of Fly Drone.

Also at the UMEX 2022 exhibition, the Fly Drone company presented its new product – “Safe Urban Airspace”. This system allows you to identify a drone using dual surveillance from radars, track the UAV flight online, and also using flight plans, identify the intruder of airspace. The product can be implemented as an independent monitoring center or integrated into the control centers of a city or region.

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