RV University, Bengaluru, and DPU Thailand sign an MoU to enhance international educational opportunities for students

-To launch Summer internship and dual degree programmes

Bengaluru 17th October, 2023 – In a landmark movement towards global education and cooperation, RV University, Bengaluru, and Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU), Thailand, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that marks the beginning of a dynamic partnership aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and fostering a stronger global academic network.

Signed by Professor (Dr.) Y.S.R. Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, RV University, and Prof. Dr. Siridech Kumsuprom, Deputy to President, Strategic Alliance, DPU Thailand, the MoU is set to bring together the expertise and resources of both institutions, promoting a bond that will greatly benefit students, faculty, and staff alike.

Additionally, the partnership will soon launch a ‘Summer Immersion Programme’ and a ‘Dual Degree Programme’, providing students with more diverse academic opportunities and an international perspective to their education.

Expressing his delight at the coming together of the two institutions, Professor (Dr.) Y.S.R. Murthy said “Cultivating global partnerships and fostering cross-cultural collaboration, we embark on a journey of knowledge exchange and shared growth. In a world where knowledge knows no boundaries, this collaboration with DP University, Thailand, represents a crucial step forward for RV University. It’s an opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons, for our faculty to engage in innovative research, and for our institutions to amplify their global impact. Together, we embark on a journey of knowledge exchange, cultural enrichment, and academic excellence that knows no limits.”

Equally excited about the MoU was Prof. Siridech Kumsuprom. Expressing his heartfelt gratitude, he said “We were enthusiastic about this collaborative opportunity, as we sought to establish a partnership with a neighboring Asian country, particularly India. Thailand is renowned for its hospitality, and our goal was to provide our students with an exposure to Indian culture. This internationalization effort promises mutual benefits for both India and Thailand, facilitating the exchange of cultures and leveraging the power of synergy. We recognize Bangalore as one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Asia, making it an ideal destination for our students to pursue their studies within this culturally rich and beautiful nation.”

The collaboration between RV University and DPU Thailand will encompass a broad spectrum of activities to promote academic excellence, research, and cultural exchange, including:

Exchange of students, faculty, and staff: While student exchanges will focus on experiencing international education and cultures, the faculty and staff exchanges will be aimed at knowledge-sharing and understanding best practices. The architecture of the MoU is on the following lines:

Joint Research Activities and Publications: Collaborative research projects will enable scholars from both institutions to work together, advancing knowledge in various fields. Joint publications will disseminate their findings to a global audience.

Participation in Seminars and Academic Meetings: RV University and DPU Thailand will organize and participate in seminars, conferences, and academic meetings to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Exchange of Academic Materials and Information: Sharing academic resources and information will strengthen the educational offerings of both institutions, benefiting students and faculty.

Special Short-Term and Other Academic Programs: The universities will introduce special academic programs to offer unique learning experiences for their students, enhancing their skill sets and knowledge.

Promoting the Brand of Both Institutions: The collaboration will include branding initiatives to raise awareness of both institutions on a global scale.

Networking and Connectivity: Developing a strong network of contacts will facilitate broader academic connections, enhancing the reputation and reach of both institutions.

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