SaaS-based Customer Experience platform, Kapture CX, appoints Patty Briones as Country Manager for Philippines

· In addition to expanding its footprint in the ASEAN market, with a specific emphasis placed on the Philippines.

India,12th September 2023: Kapture CX, the SaaS-based Customer Experience platform, has appointed Patty Briones as the Country Manager to spearhead the growth and expansion efforts in the ASEAN market, with a specific focus on the Philippines.

Patty brings experience over 20 years in the Technology, B2B Software, and CX industries. With a track record as a sales and business development executive is truly remarkable. She has been associated with renowned companies like Globe Telecom, Tata Communications, and Zoom, Patty has a proven record of nurturing and maintaining robust relationships with enterprise customers and channel partners.

“Vikas and I are excited to welcome Patty to the team and the rocketship that is Kapture. We are thrilled to have Patty as an integral part of our team as we embark on this exciting journey of expansion in the ASEAN market. Her expertise and enthusiasm will undoubtedly drive us towards new horizons” said Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO and co-founder, Kapture CX.

During her tenure at Zoom, Patty played a pivotal role in driving market growth for the channel business in the Philippines, showcasing her strategic acumen and leadership abilities. She achieved tremendous success by leveraging her in-depth knowledge of sales, GTM strategies, and tech expertise.

Commenting on the same, Patty Briones, Country Manager – Philippines, Kapture CX, said, “I am very proud and honored to be joining the Kapture team. Kapture has a great business platform and a dedicated team of talented professionals who are instrumental to the continuous growth of the organization. I look forward to building upon all the great things that Shesh and Vikas have started and am excited to be part of this trailblazing team.”

About the company-

Kapture is a renowned SaaS-based customer experience platform that deeply focuses on customer support and enables personal customer interactions. Founded in 2014, Kapture brings a customer profiling and segmentation tool that lets the user collect and segregate all prospect interactions on a single platform. This enables them to understand and profile their customers for a more real experience. Its AI engine integrated with Generative AI capabilities can summarize long communication threads with customers to give agents proper context about the issue, freeing customers from explaining themselves and saving agents from going through the entire communication history to get the context. Recently they raised Series A $4 million from Cactus Venture Partners.

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