SAMCO Launches Innovative Community Forum to Empower Traders and Enhance Customer Engagement

Revolutionizing the Trading Landscape to Foster Collaboration, Insight-sharing, and Unparalleled Customer Empowerment.

Bengaluru, January, 12, 2024: SAMCO Securities, a leading investment-tech company, is reshaping the trading landscape with the launch the SAMCO Community Forum, a dynamic platform designed to foster direct and authentic conversations within the trading community. With a commitment to transparency and a mission to empower traders, SAMCO aims to provide a space for meaningful discussions on market updates, stock insights, futures and options, trade API, product announcements, and much more.

Ajay Dusane, Chief Growth Officer, SAMCO Securities, said “SAMCO Community Forum is not just a platform; it’s a vibrant marketplace of ideas where traders unite to share insights, unravel hidden truths, and collectively navigate the dynamic world of finance. Join the discussion, empower your trading journey, and be part of a community committed to transforming perspectives and propelling traders towards success.”

About SAMCO Community: The SAMCO Community Forum is not just another trading platform but a vibrant community where traders can share their experiences, insights, and engage in conversations that transcend the conventional boundaries of trading discussions. The platform covers a spectrum of topics, including market trends, product announcements, IPO updates, and the unique section, “My Trade Story,” allowing traders to share their personal experiences.

Why SAMCO Community? In a world inundated with information from unsolicited influencers and unauthenticated social media channels, SAMCO recognizes the need for a direct and authentic dialogue with its trading community. By providing direct access to key experts in product development, research, and customer support, SAMCO aims to create a trusted space for traders to connect, learn, and contribute to the growth of the trading community.

Key Features:

Market Updates: Stay informed about the latest trends and market movements.

Stock Updates: Discuss and analyze stock performance and potential opportunities.

Futures & Options: Dive into the complexities of futures and options trading.

Trade API: Explore the technical aspects of trading with the support of API.

Product Announcements & Support: Receive timely updates on new products and seek assistance.

IPO Updates: Stay updated of initial public offerings and related insights.

My Trade Story: Share personal trading experiences and learn from others.

Launch Details: The SAMCO Community Forum officially launches on January 11, 2024. The platform is accessible to everyone, and interested participants can visit the forum directly at The live page is available for exploration, with active engagement requiring a simple sign-up process.

How to Join: To access the community forum, visitors can follow these steps:

Visit SAMCO’s official website –

Click on the “Help” section.

Select “Community” to be redirected to

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