Sandeep Choudhary facilitated with Global Business achiever award

Sandeep Choudhary was born in a small village of jhunjhunu Rajasthan with a big dream. He was born in a simple farmer family but from the very beginning, he has a big vision for his life and career.

When he came to Jaipur he tried different fields and faced lots of ups and downs in his life but no difficulty can divert him from his gold. He tried his career in IT field then after some time opened electric showroom then real state than in the film industry then after that share trading and at last now he has Been working for the Nation true environment he is recently a co-founder of inflector India working to make the environment pollution free he is an honest man with a beautiful and lovely heart who understand the feelings of others and never stop back to help the needy in any way he could.

he has been awarded many national and international awards recently he has been facilitated with India’s biggest award shakhsiyat awards 2022 by honourable Governor of Odisha.

On 5th June World Environment Day, he has been facilitated with the Global Business achiever award in Delhi.

Sandeep Choudhury is also co-founder of Yes World Community.

Yes World is on the world’s biggest mission and it is to save our planet earth.

It is mainly working on green technology.

The First-Ever Radiant heat barrier Is developed & designed By NASA for Space Suits Worn By Astronauts and it is called ‘Inflector’.

According to researchers and scientists, our earth will die by 2040 due to Global warming.

Through this miracle product ‘Inflector’ we can save our earth.

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