Scooterson Finds New Home in Launchpad One-North Singapore

Media OutReach – 17 October 2022 – Scooterson, the developer of the world’s first semi-autonomous e-scooter, has found a new home in Singapore. After securing US$74M contract to build their electric scooters in the country, the company has decided to join JTC Launchpad One-North, a community of tech innovators and enablers.
Located in a sprawling complex close to downtown Singapore, the community boasts of industry trailblazers, which Scooterson is poised to become.

Great Company, Great Community
When co-founder Deepansh Jain was asked why they decided to relocate to Launchpad One-North, he only had one answer: “Building a great company requires a good environment.” His co-founder, Mihnea “de Vries” Chis expounded: “With more than 700 startups concentrated within LaunchPad, it is very easy to bounce ideas off and get help from other founders, this is why being here is essential for a startup.”
JTC Launchpad is a one-stop strategic destination for companies who wants to rapidly test innovative concepts and acquire the seed funding they need for commercial success. The Launchpad community boasts a flourishing network that has produced some of the region’s best trailblazers in fintech, mobility, biomedical sciences, eCommerce, hospitality, engineering, and many other industries.
For the micro-mobility tech company, it was a chance to be close to a startup ecosystem that shares the same ideals as their rapidly growing business. In addition, the complex afforded them the privacy to test their vehicles and further hone the capabilities of Rolley, their semi-autonomous e-scooter.
As the home of exciting ventures, Launchpad also attracts top-level talents. When Scooterson ran a hiring test, they discovered they received more highly qualified applicants when their location was registered as the Launchpad complex. By relocating their factory within the JTC compound, Scooterson looks forward to working with the best minds in tech and manufacturing who can bring their product to new heights.
Growing Beyond the Workplace
The Launchpad One-North community is strengthened by their shared passion for emerging tech and the social connections forged in strategic locations around the compound. The area is thoughtfully designed with intersecting paths meant to foster collaboration and create a deep sense of community.
Highly-engaged employees are crucial in keeping a company running. The compound has areas like Timbre+, where employees can enjoy a wide range of delectable dishes while watching live performances. The casual atmosphere also encourages startup founders to have meaningful conversations with seasoned investors–resulting in renewed passion and strengthened enthusiasm.
With this fantastic community, Scooterson is optimistic that they can take the next version of Rolley to unprecedented heights.
Becoming the First of Its Kind
Traditionally, Singapore is known for a vibrant startup community in industries like biomedical sciences, urban solutions, engineering, and infocomm. Scooterson aims to be the first of its kind to manufacture a globally distributed electric two-wheeler from the country. As an emerging player in the micro-mobility industry, Scooterson has achieved unparalleled success through its Elf and Rolley e-scooters, with the latter receiving the prestigious 2018 Red Dot Design Award.
This success was further validated by the awarding of US$74M million in contract necessary for further development and manufacture of Rolley e-scooters. Scooterson aims to start selling Rolley e-scooters to global markets, starting with Los Angeles, USA.
Meeting a Growing Demand
Light electric vehicles that rely on AI technology are increasingly gaining relevance in today’s postpandemic world, where deliveries and efficient travels are in demand. With the help of AI, micromobility vehicles can learn the riders riding styles and adjust movements as needed helping them ride safely even if they have trouble balancing. For businesses, smart scooters help lower operational costs by reducing the need to rebalance fleets or deal with urban clutter and obstructions. These are exciting opportunities in the scooter micro-mobility sector with the potential for rapid growth.
The move to One-North provides Scooterson total of 14,000 square feet of factory and R&D space – more than enough room to manufacture their award-winning AI-powered e-scooters.
In Pursuit of Vertical Integration
As Scooterson joins the Launchpad Community, they expect to forge strategic partnerships that yield vertical integration opportunities. They plan to expand around the area by growing their manufacturing plant and vertically integrating components like battery manufacturing into their existing operations. The aim is to reduce COGS and adapt Manufacturing 4.0 practices to create better products that constantly delight customers.
With the vibrant Launchpad community, finding strategic partners and achieving vertical integration is in the foreseeable future. Many successful startups in the community have discovered fruitful integrations with other founders who share the same vision of using emerging tech to create meaningful impact.
Scooterson also aims to set an example of Singapore’s superior location for hardware tech R&D and manufacturing – eventually attracting other global mobility and deep tech startups with the same mission of changing the world through intelligent mobility solutions. This will contribute in presenting Singapore as a premier destination for tech startups needing manufacturing capabilities.
Moving to Launchpad One-North creates synergistic opportunities for Scooterson and its fellow tech startup founders.
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