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Earlier schools had the same essential components: books, teachers, and numerous theories/facts that we had to cram into our heads. Expectations were high, and we were asked to learn these up, but without knowing the base. We did not have enough practical knowledge to help us with the ever-evolving world. Our summer vacations were spent lazing around or in different studies during coaching classes.

Now, the scenarios have changed, and we have new and better teaching and learning methods. Our children are growing up in a world where creativity and innovation hold more importance than just learned facts, thus giving more weightage to extracurricular activities like dancing and cooking. These activities teach students what books can not. Our summer vacations were either spent lazing around or in different studies during coaching classes, but schools now come up with new and better ideas to indulge students.

GD Goenka, Sector 10A, Gurugram is coming up with an innovative summer camp that will allow students to learn new skills, from enhancing body coordination, fitness, public speaking skills, honing creativity, and much more. The activities range from dancing to elocution and theatre; the camp even provides cooking, martial arts, and sports so that students can choose from a wide variety and find their true calling.

The Principal GD Goenka, Sector 10A, Gurugram, Dr. Nidhi Nijhawan, says, “we believe that students should learn things apart from basic studies because these skills are what prepares them for daily life. Summer vacations can make children bored throughout the vacations and can not find a worthwhile activity for themselves. Thus, we came up with a summer camp that would provide activities that pique the interest of every child.” she further says, “We endeavour to develop a child’s cognitive and social skills so that our students are in no way deficient when facing the real world.”

Dr. Nijhawan told us that proper measures would be taken to combat the pandemic spread, and an adequate environment would be created for the children to keep them safe while giving them a chance to find their passion. The Children can choose any four activities of their choice and dedicate their summer holidays to the best of memories.

GD Goenka strives to fill the gaps traditional education has left, and our children can enjoy a happier and brighter future if given an opportunity. Thus finding them a school that resonates with their passion and works on it is significant for our kids, developing their talent into finesse.

To connect and know more about the summer camp taking place at GD Goenka, Kindly connect at 8800537222 and 8800538222.

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