SecurWeave Raises INR 2.8 Crore in Seed Round led by IAN

New Delhi, 7th November 2023: SecurWeave, an innovative cybersecurity startup, raises a seed round of INR 2.8 crores, led by IAN. IAN investors such as Romesh Sobti, Uday Chatterjee, Nagendra P Bandaru and Sri Prakash, were active participants in this funding round.

SecurWeave is focused on building cyber security platforms that can stop advanced malware attacks against which conventional security solutions are totally helpless. The company has made deployments in both private and defense sectors in India and is dedicated to developing cutting-edge cybersecurity platforms designed to thwart advanced malware attacks, which often render conventional security solutions ineffective. With successful deployments in both private and defense sectors in India, the company now has its sights set on global expansion. SecurWeave’s work centers are incubated at prestigious institutions such as IITM Technology Innovation Hub Pravartak and NCoE, DSCI, Noida, NCR.

Uday Chatterjee, Lead, SecureWeave, says, It gives us immense pleasure to induct SecurWeave in the IAN portfolio and family. To defend the vital national assets and infrastructures against Advanced
Persistent Threats have emerged as one of the most important issues and critical priorities for nations. SecurWeave is the first company to build technology which can detect advanced malware and provide protection against cyber-attacks. SecurWeave has developed a dual use technology which can be used seamlessly for civil and military application.

By backing SecurWeave we are happy to advance a self-reliance capability addressing the need for
defending our critical infrastructures and national security as well as offer a solution for the private sector. We believe SecurWeave will in time emerge as a leader in this space and will offer these solutions

Cybersecurity and the threat of cyber warfare, particularly those capable of disabling critical national infrastructures and assets, as well as the persistent and sophisticated nature of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), represent paramount concerns that consistently preoccupy government leaders, security agencies, and business executives. Recognizing the imminent and substantial danger posed by these threats, SecurWeave has taken a pioneering initiative to develop cutting-edge technology capable of identifying advanced malware and delivering robust protection against cyberattacks.

This proactive stance positions SecurWeave at the forefront of the battle against cyber threats, addressing the anxieties that haunt decision-makers in the public and private sectors alike.

Padmaja Ruparel, Co-Founder at Indian Angel Network (IAN), says,”SecurWeave’s inventive cybersecurity technology brings critical risk mitigation to one of the world’s highest risks i.e. Cyber risks. The founding team brings excellent focus on advanced digital security solutions. Secureweave’s strategy and team are well poised to build a substantial business within the cybersecurity sector, and IAN is looking forward to handholding and guiding this excellent young team.”

In an increasingly software-driven world, the importance of cybersecurity has grown substantially, affecting businesses of all sizes and critical national infrastructure. SecurWeave is committed to protecting a wide range of digital assets, spanning social, economic, political, and military domains. With investments from IAN, they plan to strengthen sales, advance R&D, and expand field support to achieve this mission.

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