Seekho Launches India’s First AI-built Ad Campaign for Higher Education

~The campaign was made using ChatGPT 4.0, MidJourney, Runway ML and Eleven Labs~

New Delhi, 27 June 2023: In a radical departure from traditional marketing, Seekho has unveiled an AI-constructed campaign around its innovative product, ‘SuperDegree’. Seekho’s fully AI-built ad campaign highlights the need to prepare India’s next generation of graduates for a future shaped by generative AI. Seekho’s Super Degree mirrors the ethos of the AI campaign – innovatively blending technology and learning. Developed in line with top Indian recruiters’ expectations, it is a fusion of classroom instruction, experiential learning, and AI-powered app-based study. This ensures that students are effectively prepared for the job market.

The ‘SuperDegree’ campaign is a nod to Seekho’s tech-first ethos. The campaign is striking in how it draws from the persona of India’s icons and visionaries — from Aryabhatta to Mahendra Singh Dhoni — and juxtaposes that onto a future-focused college degree. The Super Degree AI ad-campaign is a unique blend of India’s past and future. By using AI to create avatars of Indian luminaries like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Mahatma Gandhi, Ratan Tata, Abdul Kalam, and Jawaharlal Nehru. Seekho draws attention to the characteristics that will equip today’s students for the world of tomorrow. The AI campaign was realised using GPT 4.0 for strategy and copy, MidJourney for static imagery, Runway ML for video clips, and Eleven Labs for AI audio generation. Leveraging these AI platforms enabled generation of the advertisement without the need for an extensive team of writers, editors, designers or other ad film makers for Seekho.

The problem Seekho is out to solve is bigger. It’s the need to completely reimagine India’s 100+ year old education system, so the nation’s graduates stay relevant. For this, Seekho wants to align India’s colleges, students, and recruiters. Seekho’s 3-step plan to upgrade India’s education system is: 1. Re-design courseware, validated by India’s top 1000 companies. #SeekhoJoKaamAaye 2. Replace rote learning with learn-by-doing. #KarkeSeekho 3. Augment offline education with on-demand education. #KabhiBhiSeekho Seekho’s AI ad campaign is the first example of an edtech ditching the traditional human-driven campaign process. The broader edtech community in India is likely to follow suit.

“We’re redefining not just how we market, but also how we teach. This AI-led campaign showcases our mission to transform higher education through technology,” shared Arihant Jain, Co-founder of Seekho.

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