ServicePik announced free complimentary services of B2B segment at its blood donation camp

ServicePik is a one-stop solution that caters to on-demand services for home & office. This online marketplace has defined a methodology to offer professional assistance in completing the chores without any hassle. Be it AC repair service & maintenance, home cleaning session, plumbing, or pest control services, ServicePik believes offers an efficient on-demand solutio

On 10th July 2022, ServicePik organized a blood donation camp in association with the Red Cross Society of India and one of its partners, Shri Mangla Electronics. The camp was held in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, wherein, the participants were rewarded with Free eye-check-up & Free AC Service

The founder of ServicePik, M/s Meenu Gupta stated: “We believe in acknowledging real-life superheroes who donated blood. This noble deed deserves a small token of appreciation”

A gift coupon to avail of free services was awarded to the participants at the blood donation camp. Besides, ServicePik announced offers on its services like AC repair & maintenance, comprehensive cleaning, home cleaning, pest control, beauty & makeover, plumbing, etc

The founder added, “We commence events after a regular interval and the massive response from the participants motivates us to keep coming up with creatively planned ideas.

Highlights of business

Served clients like Pransh Healthcare, Mahindra, Shri Mangla Electronics, and Avancer Safety Shoe

Offers the best-in-class on-demand services for home & offic

Dedicated professionals are appointed for project management and executio

Hire the expert by calling the ServicePik team or book the services online

ServicePik is all set to drive local traffic and eventually work on the Pan-India presence in the long run

In the past few years, the brand has evolved as a credible and responsibly planned business to address service requests without any interruption. Even if the number of bookings gets queued increases rapidly, the team of experts never misses corresponding with the new or existing customers. ServicePik has been rated by the finest online review platforms for its consistent, accurate, and cost-effective services. Even the clients who have availed the service from this online marketplace, have either connected again or recommended ServicePik’s b2b services to their near & dear ones

How do events improve the scope of brand awareness?

Just like the blood donation camp, other events and gatherings are scheduled by the ServicePik team to engage new & existing customers. Be it the roll-out of best deals, the exclusive announcement of b2b services, or the introduction of new services, this brand has focused on understanding the preferences of the target audience. For instance, the pest control services for commercial spaces have to be handled by professionals. Here are some of the factors that ServicePik that have added up to the excellence of the company

Recommended by clients, multiple times after availing of service

AC Repair & Maintenance service requests have been resolved in less than 24 hour

Pest control services, and electrical and plumbing sessions are the most demanded business service

Over 80% of the users have turned out to be happy customers and have reviewed our services onlin

More than 145 highly qualified and well-trained experts are appointed for the respective professional business service

With over 30 most-demanded services, the ServicePik team has gained popularity for timeliness and hassle-free accessibilit

The list of happy customers has crossed 25k and is still being recognized as the fastest growing online marketplace for b2b service

Businesses that can benefit from ServicePik

The corporate sector cannot side-line maintenance, repair, or overlook the business services. But, finding the right service provider is an unrealistic option. Hence, ServicePik bridges the gap between customers and the professional services experts by offering a wide range of b2b services and extending immense support to institutions like


Shopping mall




Showrooms / Store


And many more

One marketplace with multiple business services executed within the committed time frame seems to be the mantra of this on-demand b2b service provider! The commendable performance of ServicePik in the short span is setting the benchmark for the other service providers with the same business niche


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