Shaip offers a 50% discount on its off-the-shelf Audio/Speech datasets to train Conversational AI Models

Off-the-shelf Audio/Speech Datasets in over 45 languages to jump start your speech recognition models.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA – Feb 3, 2022: Shaip, a global leader and innovator in Training Data Collection and Annotation in Conversational AI offers off-the-shelf Audio/Speech Datasets in over 45 languages at a 50% discount for a limited period. The Conversational AI Dataset is used to train Machine Learning models that support a variety of use cases i.e., ASR, Virtual/Digital Assistant, Chatbot, Conversational AI, Speech Analytics, TTS, Language Modelling, etc.


We currently offer over 50k hours of audio/speech data collected through a specialized team of PhDs, data engineers, ML engineers, and human annotators from across the globe. The data is bifurcated into:

Call Center Conversations (8khz): Unscripted, synthetic telephonic conversation: “agent” & “customer”

Generic Conversations (8khz): Unscripted telephonic conversation between 2 people

Media & Podcasts (16khz): Public domain audio/video interviews, podcasts, etc. between 1-5 people or more.

Utterance/Scripted Monologue (16khz): Recording based on Prompts

Vatsal Ghiya – CEO, Shaip said, finding the right gold-standard datasets has always been a daunting task to get the ML initiatives off the ground. We specialize in serving AI organizations to create high-quality custom audio datasets. We offer an exclusive catalog of ‘off-the-shelf’ audio/speech datasets of 45 languages across multiple dialects for a variety of AI use cases.

He further adds, we have made the entire 50k hours of speech/audio off-the-shelf datasets available via the website. These datasets are of very high-quality that offer a quick and cost-effective alternative to collecting and annotating data from the scratch.

Shaip can also help source diverse conversational data in over 150 languages from across the globe on the below parameters:

Languages, regional dialects, and accents

Goal-oriented conversations across industry domains

Spontaneous and scripted conversations

Monologue, 2-person conversations, call center conversations, wake-up words

Conversations with respect to emotion, sentiment, intent

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