Media OutReach Newswire – 19 January 2024 – Since its establishment in 1994, SHANGHAI TANG has been committed to supporting the development of contemporary art in China, and has collaborated with a number of Chinese artists to launch limited edition products, striving to pass on the light of art to a wider audience. SHANGHAI TANG has collaborated with artist Jacky Tsai over the years, and on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the brand launched ‘A Garden of Vibrant Dreams’, a special collection inspired by the vibrant beauty of nature and the power of color in a world of dreams. In 2024, the Year of the Dragon, which marks SHANGHAI TANG’s 30th anniversary, the brand celebrates a renewed collaboration with artist Jacky Tsai, emphasizing the strong heritage of art that SHANGHAI TANG has always incorporated into the brand.

Shanghai Tang x Jacky Tsai CNY Collection

This year Jacky Tsai and SHANGHAI TANG’s exhibition “A Journey of All and None” at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition in Shenzhen has received public attention and acclaim. In the artwork “Bay Area Neon Lights”, SHANGHAI TANG, as a part of the work, fused artistic techniques and imagery in the traditional context of the East with elements of pop culture of the West.
In the traditional Chinese culture, the Auspicious Dragon is a divine creature symbolizing good luck, happiness, prestige and prosperity. SHANGHAI TANG welcomes the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon with a set of modern dragon images as the main pattern of “Auspicious Dragon “. The collection includes men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, home collections such as fragrances and cups to fulfill the needs of people who live a high-quality life in today’s world.
Dragon with Head Held High is a Blessing
The dragon’s head is high and its eyes gleam as if it can travel through time and gaze into the soul of the viewer. The dragon’s posture is ethereal and majestic, each scale seems to contain a thousand years of wisdom, mysterious and majestic.
The Ready-to-Wear Collection
The ready-to-wear collection is based on dragon pattern with traditional frog design. Frog is derived from the shape of the Chinese knot, which carries the ancient memory of knotting a rope to keep track of things, and is a symbol of ancient Chinese culture. The use of silk cashmere yarn, mixed with gold and silver silk, tells the beauty of elegance subtly.
As a pop artist, Jacky Tsai has his own ideas and innovations in inheriting traditional Chinese craftsmanship and integrating western creative techniques. His colorful works are not only full of wild imagination, but also infused with the unique humor of pop art. The cooperation with SHANGHAI TANG crosses the boundaries of Eastern and Western culture and art, bringing out new sparks and transforming mindsets in an unexpected way.
Combining the colorful and intricate floral dragons with the classic dragon elements of SHANGHAI TANG, the Lunar New Year’s festive atmosphere is emphasized by the large red tone embellishments, which are hand-painted with 10 layers of lacquer and polished to give a shining surface to the candy box, making it a perfect companion for the festive atmosphere.
After 30 years of experience, SHANGHAI TANG has always spared no effort to support the development of Chinese art and actively cooperates with artists from all over the world, bringing art into the unique vision of the fusion of East and West, creating a multitude of differentiated cultural symbols, and shaping a beautiful context originating from the fashion and lifestyles of China. 上海滩ShanghaiTang Hashtag: #ShanghaiTang #ShanghaiTangHK #MakeLifeAParty

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