Shobu Yarlagadda, Shanta Thoutam launch WhatIsMyGoal’s Under-18 World Clans in Hyderabad

· Indian film producer Shobu Yarlagadda under-18 launched Movie Makers and Dr. Shanta Thoutam, Telangana Chief Innovation Office launched Innovators clan

Hyderabad, 24 July 2023: WhatIsMyGoal, a leading start-up empowering students to experience and live in their future careers is also a unique platform dedicated to fostering political awareness and civic engagement among students. The Under-18 World Meeting took place at the prestigious JNTUH Auditorium today, bringing together MLA nominees from the Green Party, Future Party, and People’s Party, along with election officers, to experience policy-making and democracy in action.

Distinguished guests like Shobu Yarlagadda, Indian Film Producer and Dr. Shanta Thoutam, Telangana Chief Innovation Officer were present at the event to interact with the students.

The event was an exceptional opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the concepts of democracy, voting, and the election process. As the pioneers of an almost real election, these young students assumed the roles of voters, MLA nominees, and election officers. They participated in a simulated election process to elect representatives for the Under-18 world, representing a diverse range of aspiring singers, doctors, civil servants, and future citizens.

Ms. Chitralee Sarma, the visionary founder of WhatIsMyGoal and Chief Election Commissioner of the Under-18 world, delivered an inspiring address to the election officers, providing clear instructions for conducting smooth elections in every constituency. She initiated the nomination process for the MLA elections through form 2B, setting the stage for a fair and transparent electoral process.

Mr. Shobu Yarlagadda, the visionary producer of the Baahubali Franchise, shared valuable insights into movie making, film producing, and related topics. He also launched the Movie Makers clan, a platform to encourage young talent in the world of cinema.

Sharing his thoughts, “I am delighted to be a part of this unique event that encourages creativity and empowers students to explore the world of cinema. The Movie Makers clan will be a fantastic platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents”.

Dr. Shanta Thoutam, the esteemed Chief Innovation Officer of Telangana, inspired students with her profound knowledge of innovation. She launched the Innovators clan, fostering an environment where young minds can nurture their inventive ideas and contribute to a better future. Speaking about the launch she remarked, “Innovation is the driving force of progress. Through the Innovators clan, we hope to nurture young innovators who will lead the way in transforming society positively.”

Ms. Chitralee Sarma, WhatIsMyGoal, expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, said “We believe in empowering young minds to actively participate in democracy and understand the power they hold in shaping their future. The Under-18 World Meeting and Elections mark the beginning of a new era of representation and understanding.”

The event was hosted by exceptional Under-18 MCs, Sreenidhi, Lehya, and Saanvi, who are also proud alumni of the Business Rockstar program at WhatIsMyGoal.

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