Shri Ram Global School’s collaboration with Next Education over the past four years has paved the way for a 21st- century learning experience for students

Shri Ram Global School is consistently delivering quality education to its students by making the best use of Next Education’s technology-driven solutions and expert consultation.

New Delhi, November 14, 2022: Since 2019, Shri Ram Global School has been associated with Next Education, India’s leading education solutions provider, for setting up a benchmark in imparting quality education to new-age learners. The school builds a highly-advanced and progressive learning ecosystem for the students by implementing world-class amenities, an integrated and modern curriculum as well as a holistic approach to learning. The latest technological innovations in the field of Education, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Gamification, form an integral part of the curriculum followed by the school. The Academic Partnership with Next Education has enabled the seamless deployment and implementation of these high-end technological solutions in the school’s curriculum model.

The solutions and services offered by the organisation are elevating the standards of pedagogy and scaling up the effectiveness of teachers to achieve great heights in academics. The school has adopted the company’s AI-based learning platform to assist students with tailor-made courses and assessments. This helps the learners identify their learning gaps and recommends personalised courses and practice modules based on their learning pace and abilities. Also, the customised learning solutions offered by the company help learners who need some extra handholding improve significantly in their studies. The company has provided an all-inclusive and integrated cloud-based platform that lends hassle-free academic and operational support to the school. Next Educations’ Academic Partnership Programme has helped the school to achieve higher parents satisfaction by constantly improving the quality of instructions delivered by teachers.

Besides, the school has also taken up advanced software solutions like TeachNext (a smart classroom solution with exhaustive digital content), Next OS (an end-to-end solution to cater to the entire academic and administrative needs), Next Books (a holistic curriculum solution, in line with the NEP 2020 guidelines) and Next Assessment (a comprehensive and detailed assessment system) to meticulously gauge students’ performance while providing an unmatched learning experience to them. The school has also instated ultra-modern and high-tech labs like the Robotics Lab, Science Lab, Maths Lab and English Lab to foster practical and experiential learning in students. Because of the engaging and interactive classroom sessions, students are motivated and excited to come to school every day.

The Academic Partnership Programme does provide complete academic planning, onsite implementation, monitoring and training in school in accordance with Parent Teacher Meet (PTM) and Parent Connect Programmes (PCP). The customised enrolment activities and comprehensive marketing support in the form of auxiliary services are an added advantage of the franchise model that the school has opted for. Not only this, application-based programmes like Next Deeksha, Next Curriculum and Next Gurukul are also a part of the company’s offerings that empower educators to enhance their pedagogical skills and add value to the existing knowledge set of students and prepare them for a futuristic world.

Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder & CEO of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Over the years, we have provided all stakeholders with tech-driven education solutions that can help uplift the education sector in the country. Through our smart technological solutions, we are developing an AI-based education ecosystem that, on the one hand, empowers educators to cater to the diverse learning needs of today’s children while, on the other, providing personalised learning experiences to students. Our association with Shri Ram Global School has been highly successful and result-oriented, as we extend our complete support to them to attain international standards in Education. And we are happy to assist the school in inducing a smart learning process to shape their students’ future.”

Mr Balakrishna Reddy – Chairman, Shri Ram Global School, said, “We at Shri Ram Global School believe in 360-degree development of our students. We built a strong technology-based learning ecosystem through our association with Next Education. Smart applications and programmes offered by Next Education have helped us reach out to our students’ diverse learning needs. By utilising top-notch educational products as well as highly engaging and innovative methodologies, we are helping students attain new skill sets every day.”

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