Shubindia Ad Works: Jumpstarts pan-Maharashtra advertising operations

The agency has set out to provide integrated OOH, ATL, Digital, and Design solutions and services to an array of clients across all markets. Shubindia Ad Works is born out of the idea to focus on the conversation which can accelerate or act as a catalyst between the consumer and the brand happening out-of-home. The agency has a centralized process-driven professional team to give strategic solutions for the brand campaigns to achieve the tangible result needed for establishing a brand campaign. The media specialist agency, founded by Shubham Jain, is headquartered in Pune with tie-ups and networks across Maharashtra. “Our vision is to be that one agency that offers services that are relevant, and also to be known for the commitment and professionalism of our people, our product offerings, and our process compliances, says Jain.

“With an array of experiences, both on the client side as well as the advertising agency side, I had a clear understanding of the need gaps and so our objective is to bridge the gaps and work with the clients to give result-driven and tangible fulfilments. We are extremely happy with the invitations and the inclusive conversations that we are having with some very reputed brands, some of whom have appointed us as their agency partner, added Shubham. Getting the best impactful outdoor media across the Indian cities for clients will be the main target of the agency. The agency is trying to establish several collaborations with digital technology providers as well to make the campaigns more engaging and impactful. We are keeping no stone unturned to make Shubindia a one-stop solution for branding, marketing & advertising across India for small businesses, startups, and large companies.

“Having the support of our well-wishers, including some of our best friends being from the media-owning fraternity, clients from various verticals like Corporates, Banks, NBFCs, Apparel, FMCG, Jewellers, Real Estate, etc., and former colleagues warms our heart and encourages us to create an organization that has happy colleagues and happy clients and they have been receptive so far. We want people to look forward to Monday mornings as much as we want them to celebrate on Saturday evenings, signs off Jain.

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