Sikkim’s CM PS Tamang inaugurates Overseas Workforce Mobility Hub and Medhavi Poly Diagnostic Centre

New Delhi, September 13: The Skill Hub for International Employment (SHINE) was inaugurated by Medhavi Skills University (MSU) in collaboration with the Government of Sikkim, at Manan Kendra, Gangtok.

The program was attended by Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang along with Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, other dignitaries including officers of the state government, and students of Sikkim Medhavi Skills University.

The programme also had the presence of International delegates, such as Founders and heads of various organisations such as People 2 Help, from Germany, NAVIS Japan, ZEE Learn Ltd. ZICA, B4M/NHQ, INIFD etc.

This major initiative was to facilitate in imparting overseas demand-based skill training for the Sikkimese youth and prepare them for international employment.

Through their international collaborations with the relevant employers and vocational institutions in countries like Germany, Australia, Japan, and Philippines, MSU shall facilitate training in foreign language, culture, and technical competencies in the relevant field of employment.

Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang while addressing the gathering stated that the vision perfectly aligns with the broader vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who aims to empower the youth of our country through quality education and skill development.

“Medhavi Skills University has been a beacon in empowering our youths and making them competent apart from pioneering the model of industry-aligned and skill-integrated higher education,” he added.

He also mentioned that SHINE shall definitely open doors to countries like Germany, Japan, UK, and Australia, where the wage premium is exceptionally high. Further, he said that the event today was not just an inauguration, but a new beginning for the youth of Sikkim towards a prosperous future.

During the programme, the Chief Minister virtually inaugurated the SICUN as Centre of Excellence for Overseas Mobility Hub and Medhavi Poly Diagnostic Centre.

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