Simpl and T-Hub to host community-led start-up founders meet D2C Unlocked in Hyderabad on June 24th

Swiggy’s founder Nandan Reddy among other 100+ D2C and tech startup founders are expected to participate in discussions around strong brand identity and customer loyalty, leveraging digital marketing and e-commerce channels among many others

Hyderabad, June 21st, 2023: Simpl, India’s foremost Merchant First Checkout network, today announced the 10th edition of its much-awaited community-based start-up founders meet, D2C unlocked in collaboration with T-Hub – India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, in Hyderabad on June 24th. The event will witness founders of D2C companies participating in discussions around building a strong brand identity and customer loyalty, leveraging digital marketing and e-commerce channels effectively while navigating challenges among many other topics.

After the success of the previous nine editions of the event held nationwide, D2C Unlocked is all set to debut in Hyderabad. One of the key highlights of this edition will be a fireside chat featuring Nandan Reddy, Founder, Swiggy and Nitya Sharma, Co-founder, Simpl on building India’s leading tech-enabled food ordering and delivery platform and the frameworks to craft a winning pre-product market fit journey for entrepreneurs.

As part of the event, D2C founders from the city will also get an opportunity to interact with fellow industry members and experts during a panel discussion on Building and Scaling D2C Brands. Founders of Hyderabad-based brands including Ravi Kabra, Co-founder, Skippi IcePops, Prashanth Gowriraju, CEO, PIP’S, and Nikhil Gunda, Founder, Gear Head Motors will be a part of the panel and will be followed by a networking session, product showcase, and giveaways from participating brands will follow this.

Commenting on the community initiative, Nitya Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of Simpl said, “The Indian e-commerce landscape is rapidly evolving with the rise of D2C brands and enabling services providers, helping them come out of the shadows of large e-commerce marketplaces and leading to a trend of Unbundling of E-commerce. As an organisation committed to empowering the D2C ecosystem, our vision is to enable merchants to unleash their full potential and provide the right direction and support. With D2C Unlocked, we aim to bring D2C founders from different sectors to share knowledge, collaborate, and grow together. We have built a community of passionate entrepreneurs by providing guidance and connecting them with helpful resources through our Booster Package. Hyderabad has been recognised as one of the top 100 emerging startup ecosystems, and we want to empower them through our community efforts, enabling them to meet customer needs effectively and create value for the overall ecosystem.”

This initiative is a part of Simpl’s community-building efforts to engage like-minded entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of the D2C ecosystem by providing the right mentorship and emphasising on growth opportunities. In this endeavour, Simpl also instituted a Booster Package for D2C brands which offers them a plethora of enabling services, including, digital marketing, e-commerce consulting and credit access. This package is designed to support businesses and enhance their growth.

According to industry reports, the Indian D2C market was estimated to be around $12 billion in 2022, and it is anticipated to exceed $60 billion by 2027. The Indian D2C market is expected to witness continuous expansion, owing to various factors like evolving consumer choices, higher investments, and advancements in technology. The current market scenario presents a huge opportunity for D2C merchants, therefore, it becomes imperative to support them across various aspects, including credit access, discoverability, and seamless payments. Simpl aims to be at the forefront of enabling this change.

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