Simpl introduces industry-first leave policies with menstrual leave, child adoption, and pet care leave benefits

New Delhi, 06 February 2023: Ushering in some industry firsts and setting a benchmark for the sector, Simpl, India’s foremost 1-tap checkout network, recently announced new leave policies for all its employees, further promoting a better work-life balance.

Speaking on the new leave policy, Sneha Arora, CHRO, Simpl, said, “We curated this new leave policy keeping employee centricity at the core. We are cognizant of the varied needs of a diverse workforce to take time-off from work. Hence, we have tried to make our leave policy as inclusive and flexible as possible. It allows people to take time off when needed for emergencies, family occasions, personal milestones, or to just relax and rejuvenate.

We have introduced menstrual leave to empower our female employees with the choice to take an additional day off, if they need to. We have revised the maternal and paternal leaves to all employees, which includes adoption and surrogacy. We also have wedding leaves and flexible holidays where employees can choose special occasions like their birthdays, anniversaries and take time-off to celebrate them with their loved ones.”

Keeping inclusion for a diverse workforce in mind, and in-line with B2C partner companies, Simpl introduced the following key changes to their leave policy:

The introduction of Menstrual leave is a testament of Simpl keeping inclusion of a diverse workforce in mind. Also setting a benchmark, Simpl’s leave policy states that the ‘Adoption Leave’ is also applicable to LGBTQIA+ couples.

Simpl also recognizes that employees need time-off to take care of their families during emergencies and other times of need. Family care leaves have been introduced to support employees in such situations. Similarly, in an unfortunate event of a miscarriage, spouses or partners are also allowed to take the time-off to support and provide care.

There has been the right focus on milestone moments that an employee may go through in their lives. Introduction of leaves around the event of an employee’s wedding is one such example. Simpl is also allowing for Pet Adoption and Pet Care leaves. Employees can take leaves to help their beloved new pet get adjusted to the new home! This provision has been made keeping in mind that during the initial days of adoption, most pets need active attention. The same leaves can be taken for pet care as well.

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