Simpl joins hands with ClearTax to enable hasslefree tax filings

Millions of ClearTax users can now pay for services using Simpl’s 1-click checkout network

New Delhi, 1st August, 2022: Simpl, India’s fastest growing checkout network, announced a collaboration with ClearTax to enable hasslefree tax filings. Through this partnership, millions of ClearTax users can pay for using their services by opting to pay through Simpl’s convenient and speedy 1-click checkout option.

“Filing taxes can be cumbersome and during this tedious process having an easy option to pay makes it less daunting. We are thrilled to be ClearTax’s partner in easing the tax filing process and making it simple for millions of their customers,” said Nitya Sharma, co-founder & CEO, Simpl.

Simpl is reimagining how online payments can be seamless and frictionless, enhancing the final consumer experience. It’s relentlessly working towards building a suite of new merchant and consumer-facing products to enable frictionless commerce experiences.

“We like Simpl’s tech-driven approach to enabling great customer experience and simplifying checkout options which makes it easy for our tax filing clients to use our services with greater speed and convenience,” said Srivatsan Chari, co-founder, ClearTax.

To date, Cleartax has saved over two million man-hours in income tax filing and an average of Rs 20,000 in tax. It has also partnered with over 40,000 organizations to provide tax filing services for their employees and partners.

The synergies between ClearTax and Simpl will allow millions of Indians access to convenience, speed and easy checkout enhancing the consumer experience. Through its powerful AI and ML tools, Simpl enables merchants across product categories and end-customers across segments to unlock multiple benefits from a single unified platform. Today, over 20,000 merchant partners and millions of trusted users pan-India are onboard the checkout network.

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