Singapore based IN Financial Technologies launches its “Buy Now Pay Later” service

OutReach – 25 January 2022 – Buy Now Pay Later (“BNPL“) –– a concept we are all too
familiar with. This fintech trend that enables business customers to make
purchases through instalment plans has seen a high traction recently. However, these are often
tied to tedious credit assessment, documents requirements and hefty interest
with fine print, resulting in much debt that often goes unpaid for far too
long. With INFT BNPL, businesses
can now be more competitive and gain higher sales volume, while their customers
get the products with 0% interest instalment payments.

increasing companies now offering such services, this holds testament to
consumer preference for flexible payment methods instead of traditional payment
schemes. However, given most companies take cuts from
business profits, one might be reluctant to consider offering BNPL to
customers. But perhaps we can sell you a couple of benefits, including the
massive potential for business growth. Such is exceptionally attractive for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (“SME”) seeking to establish a loyal
client base right from the outset. As such, INFT
is choosing to launch its very own Buy Now Pay
Later, a product stemming from the concept of

Designed to help you grow, INFT aims to
provide an easy and fuss-free solution to
encourage higher sales volume and average transaction size. In just three
simple steps, your business will be far more attractive to new customers in
comparison to competitors. Firstly, your business
will submit an invoice to INFT. INFT then assesses the
customer and verifies the purchase. Your business will receive the full
amount (less transaction fee) from INFT upon receiving the
first upfront payment from the customer.

Buy Now Pay Later extends across all
business transactions including food to electronics.
INFT’s recent launch of BNPL offers
flexibility with 6 easy payments that come with a maximum transaction size of up to S$5,000, while
featuring transparent fees with no interest rate. By breaking these
jaw-dropping prices into more manageable, 6 interest-free payments, the prices presented are more palatable to business
customers. This
service is the perfect win-win situation for
businesses and business customers alike.

With the introduction of Buy Now Pay
Later, INFT hopes to encourage competitiveness
in businesses with easy payment methods and higher turnover rates while getting
paid upfront. Using this form of short-term financing
credit will allow businesses to reach out to a wider target audience, remain
competitive and foster consumer loyalty. With INFT, you can boost your business sales by enhancing customers’
experiences and reducing cash flow strain.

more about INFT Buy Now Pay Later at:


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