Singapore based LENE Bird’s Nest announces its new branding direction

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22 February 2022 – Known for its healthy bird’s nest product, LENE has adopted
a new take on its brand. Hinging on the Chinese culture of swallows being
commonly associated with femininity, grace & beauty, LENE is adopting a
more oriental approach. Aligning with the swallows being symbolic of new
beginnings and a good omen of something good to happen, LENE’s rebrand and new
premium gift boxing hopes to enable its brand to reach new heights.

nest is the partially dissolved nest of a native small Southeast Asian bird
–– swiftlet. These salivary secretion of nest swiftlets are a
highly-prized health supplement rich in epidermal growth factor and
glycoproteins, leaving you with smooth, glowing and healthy skin. LENE’s sugar-free
double-boiled bird’s nests are harvested for human consumption, especially
sought after in Chinese culture due to their rarity, health benefits and rich

on sustainable harvesting, LENE’s bird’s nests are derived from house nests, allowing
better control over optimal conditions for swiftlets while ensuring ethical
harvesting methods. LENE relies on our very own bird’s nests farm in Malaysia
and trustworthy suppliers, establishing a brand grounded in sustainable
harvesting known for its quality bird’s nest.

by hand using filtered water absent of toxins and chemicals (eg. bleach), LENE
places trust in our quality suppliers who are able to provide 100% pure,
premium-grade bird’s nests for one’s wellness that our brand stands for.
Further, using monk fruit extract (luo han guo) for a natural zero-calorie
sweetener, LENE uses its antioxidants called mogrosides, for the natural
sweetening of our bird’s nest. Its low glycaemic index gives rise to its
diabetic-friendly nature, making it the ideal option for all.

a firm believer of the Chinese philosophy “beauty begins from within”, LENE aims
to combine the concept of modern wellness with wisdom stemming from rich
Chinese heritage (eating well to exude outward beauty). From the beginning
selection of the finest ingredients to the final stages of sealing and
bottling, we ensure the best quality is reflected at every step of our
production process. Much thought goes into our new design and revamped final
aesthetic appearance of the brand package such that a harmonious blend of both
tradition and modernity is achieved, striving to appeal to all ages.

sustainable sources for bird’s nest ingredients with no added sugar, LENE is
keenly differentiated from many other similar companies, priding ourselves on
bringing you nothing less than the best. Using only whole bird’s nests (yan
) for enhanced flavour, the unabridged quality is clearly seen through
the fine, intact strands of the bird’s nests.

efforts in improving its premium packaging, LENE’s Japanese-imported bottle now
has a gold logo which aptly matches the gold cap of the bottle, making it an
ideal choice for practical yet beautiful decoration around the house. The matte-coating
paper-lined cardboard boxes with traditional designs also underscore Chinese
beliefs and values, aligning with LENE’s overall rebranding efforts.


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